Captivating Impressions: Karen Wride's Art Exhibition Unveils at Quadro Molduras in Almancil

CAPTIVATING IMPRESSIONS: KAREN WRIDE'S ART EXHIBITION UNVEILS AT QUADRO MOLDURAS IN ALMANCILPrepare to be immersed in a world of vibrant emotions and captivating landscapes as Quadro Molduras proudly presents an exclusive exhibition, featuring the works of esteemed artist Karen Wride. Known for her impressionistic flair, Wride's collection will grace the walls of Quadro Molduras, renowned bespoke framers and a haven for high-quality craftsmanship.

CAPTIVATING IMPRESSIONS: KAREN WRIDE'S ART EXHIBITION UNVEILS AT QUADRO MOLDURAS IN ALMANCILFrom February 1st to February 29th, art enthusiasts have the opportunity to explore Wride's evocative pieces, each a testament to her mastery of color, emotion, and light. To mark this occasion, selected pieces from the exhibition will be available for purchase with an enticing 25% discount.

Quadro Molduras, synonymous with exquisite framing, adds a unique touch to Wride's expressive artworks. The combination of Wride's emotionally charged paintings and Quadro Molduras' commitment to bespoke, high-quality framing promises a visual feast for art connoisseurs.

Don't miss the chance to experience the synergy of artistry and craftsmanship at Quadro Molduras, where Wride's exhibition invites you on a journey of visual delight. Whether you're an art collector or an appreciator of fine craftsmanship, this limited-time event promises a fusion of creativity and precision.

Exhibition Details:
- Dates: February 1st to February 29th
- Venue: Quadro Molduras, Almancil, Portugal

Discover the beauty of bespoke framing and artistic mastery as Karen Wride's exhibition unfolds at Quadro Molduras. For inquiries and further information, please contact 289 328 424.

About Karen Wride

Karen Wride, a distinguished landscape and figurative artist, brings a wealth of emotional depth and dramatic flair to her work. Hailing from Wales and currently residing in Portugal, Wride's paintings are a testament to her unique artistic vision, capturing the essence of human emotions and the play of light on landscapes.

About Quadro Molduras

Quadro Moduras, based in Almancil, Portugal, is a premier destination for bespoke, high-quality framing. With a commitment to enhancing the visual impact of artworks, Quadro Molduras provides a seamless blend of craftsmanship and artistic presentation.


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