Cyberspace - a review of David Butler-Cole's 'The Internet of Things'

CYBERSPACE - A REVIEW OF DAVID BUTLER-COLE'S 'THE INTERNET OF THINGS'An enthusiastic audience packed the Teatro Mascarenha Gregorio in Silves last weekend for David Butler-Cole's 'The Internet of Things'.

CYBERSPACE - A REVIEW OF DAVID BUTLER-COLE'S 'THE INTERNET OF THINGS'As David mentioned, these sketches "give you the low down on the grubby secrets that computer programmers have been hiding from you". At times hilarious and on other occasions, very thought provoking.

The presenter, Madeleine Wheare, gave the links between the sketches with great charm and wit.

One after another, we were both amused and horrified as the range of stories unfolded. Ranging from what happens when things are deposited in the 'cloud', to total confusion when several people try to communicate by leaving telephone messages.

It was great to see so many stalwarts from David's previous productions and very encouraging to see so many members of the cast who had never previously trod the boards. Eric Roth's 'Computer Song' brought back many happy memories of the talented Graham Cooper and his "Ballad of Bill Gates".

Congratulations to all that took part in this scintillating comedy, not forgetting BJ Boulter for her artistic input, and particularly David for this, sadly, his 'swan song'.

Fantastically, the show made €4000, the proceeds going to the Silves charity Castelo de Sonhos, which helps deprived families in the Silves Area, plus a donation to the Portimão Soup Kitchen.


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