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Algarve History Association Events - April 2024

ALGARVE HISTORY ASSOCIATIONAlgarve History Association has two events this month. Please see details below.

Following his presentation last month on the industries of the Algarve, Peter will examine in greater detail the Algarvian Tuna Fishing industry.  His talk will cover the design and construction of the armações; the years of the scarcity of tuna and the years of plenty; the tax regime that nearly killed the industry.  The presentation will take place on Tuesday 30th April at 18h00 in the Municipal Library in Lagoa. As normal, there is no formal charge for our presentation, but there will be opportunity to make a voluntary donation. 

On Sunday 21st April at 11:00 at Quintinha da Música, we shall have a special concert featuring students from the Conservatório together with their teachers, who also perform with the Orquestra do Sul.  Their programme will be varied, comprising pieces by Georg Telemann, Astor Piazzolla, Vittorio Monti, Frédéric Chopin and even Dmitri Shostakovich, among others.  This concert gives members an opportunity to support the work of the Conservatório, and to witness at first hand the progress of the students.  The cost of reservation is €25 per person, and information about this event and reservations can be had from Peter at peterbooker1347@gmail.com.

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