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Sustainability to beat the crisis (Part 5)

Real democracy vs Faked financesREAL DEMOCRACY vs FAKED FINANCES. A Dutch financial tycoon, head of the Euro-group, said in a recent speech that Portugal is going the right way, it will soon become one of the best countries in Europe. At the same time, the President of the European Parliament said the European Union is a disaster, it has to be totally re-organised. Not many of us know that these two are totally independent bodies, also the EU is not a Union in the American sense but three organisations constituted in different ways.

The EP is elected by direct ballots of electors in the 28 countries in Europe. Remember that Norway and Switzerland, are not in the EU but are the richest and have sustainable development. Although only half of the electorate used the ballots in last elections, and only traditional party members may run for election, this EP is supposed to represent Europeans.

In the European Commission you will find that most of those from the 28 countries are there because they are not wanted by their own countries; people who had been important, but became unpopular with voters.

Some of them, such as the German, French and British Commissioners, have 4 times more votes than those representing weak countries such as Portugal.

The EC uses billions to convince the people and the press that the EU is a paradise. The EC organises hundreds of workshops in EU countries during the day-time, so that those who work hard can not attend. The EC employs the best opinion-leaders to make believe this is a paradise. That is mainly by “good news” items in the press, telling logical politically correct stories, but unreal ones, just to keep their highly paid jobs.

The EC gives money for unnecessary or less urgent public works such as the huge meeting-halls like the one built in Ferragudo in the Algarve, stadiums, roundabouts, motorways. The many football stadiums which the municipalities no longer have money to maintain are seldom used because of very high operational costs. Also, the motorway from the Algarve to Lisbon, and the Via do Infante/A22 are almost empty. Why were these built? Because of lobbying from huge corporations in Brussels, using the tax-payers’ money, your money, to enrich a very few.

The European Central Bank and the Euro-group have nothing to do with the electorate. The head of the Central Bank in each of the 28 countries is chosen mainly by the major banks in their own countries, although the governments there have the final choice. As most governments depend on the banks for donations for their election campaigns, they seldom disagree from the banks’ recommendations. The ECB represents the monetary view of the financial world and has nothing to do with the economic real world.

Remember that the three countries with the highest sustainable growth and top satisfaction among voters, Czech Republic, Poland and Sweden are not in the Euro.

Portugal right now is in one of the worst recessions since 1930. Despite what the ECB tells us, unemployment and criminality will continue to rise and misery will return, Portuguese enterprises will close or be sold for a penny, which is exactly what the financial world wishes.

Hitler had an army to conquer Europe. The financial tycoons who choose those in ECB, Euro-Group and the EC have the Euro to subject so called democratic governments to their own rules. How can we expect all this mess to work for us?


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