TESLA Powerwall 2 in Algarve!!

TESLA Powerwall 2 in Algarve!!Now SHS Solar Solutions is the first in Europe to deliver TESLA POWERWALL 2 !! Since the release of TESLA Powerwall all hell broke loose. Now, already their new generation is launched, with more then double capacity.

SHS is the exclusively authorised reseller for Algarve.

TESLA Powerwall 2 in Algarve!!TESLA Powerwall 2

• 14,4Kw nett storage
• for single-phase AND three-phase homes
• 10 year warrantee
• Available only by SHS Solar Solutions from March 2017

Tesla is world leader when it comes to Lithium technology. They built a specialised plant just for their Lithium Batteries, which give much longer performance then conventional batteries.

Average DOD (Dept of Discharge) of Lead Acid or Lead Crystal batteries are around 55%, where the Lithium batteries have a DOD of 80% -  in other words you get much more constant power from  your Lithium batteries.

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