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'The Big Green Bang starts now!' - Açorean island nears 100% renewable energy

pvThe Açorean island of Graciosa has cut €2 million a year from its diesel fuel bill after a Danish renewable energy company and its partners financed and set up a wind farm and a solar energy park that now provide 70% of the island’s fuel needs.

HowardScott, the company behind the project, installed the intelligent system that blends together a 4.5 megawatt wind farm, a 1 megawatt photovoltaic solar park and a sophisticated 3.2MWh/6.0MW battery storage system so supply the island's grid.

Graciosa's population of 4,780 soon could be using 100% renewable energy as the HowardScott communications manager, Sarah Dubord-Gagnon, explained that electric cars could used that run off the grid, thus no diesel imports would be needed.

The Danish company was approached by Graciosa representatives with a view to developing green energy and a CO2 neutral tourism and sport infrastructure.

The company, which has released a promotional video shot on the Açorean island, says "it is possible, affordable and commercially viable to use renewable energy."

“Through years of research and experience in the market we came to the conclusion that what makes it possible for industry to switch to clean energy is a global solution. There are several great technologies out there but to get results, improve operational efficiency and generate energy savings, industries need a global solution architecture and integration through an appropriate energy management system,” says Scott Macaw, head of business development at HowardScott.

The video features 86-year-old actor Sr. Agostino who was born and lives on Graciosa:

HowardScott says it is affordable and commercially viable to make the best out of renewable energy for the sake of our future.

The company is immersed in renewable technology and has concluded that – “the big green bang starts now.”

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