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All Energy Saving Concepts Under One Roof!

All Energy Saving Concepts Under One Roof!The Algarve is a beautiful place for many reasons, with the best climate in Europe.

Kenneth Grondijs, owner of SHS Solar Solutions and founder of Sustainable Superstore says:

With 320 days of sunshine and 5 times more light then the north of Europe we are in the best position to make maximum use of free energy. More and more people want to be sustainable. Not only our climate changes, also laws and rules that concern everything we do: energy and consumption go hand in hand.”

Since 10 years in Algarve SHS Solar Solutions is an authority on Solar Power Solutions and Battery Backup systems. As Exclusive representative in Portugal for the known UK brand Herschel Infrared heating panels Kenneth explains: ”Infrared is not only 50% more efficient then conventional heating and perfect against mould and humidity, it is very healthy to our human body and even boosts our immune system. There are now even Infrared Sauna’s because it is so healthy.

All Energy Saving Concepts Under One Roof!In 2015 Kenneth founded Sustainable Superstore, a concept to bring all Energy Saving Concepts under one roof.
Now reopened on our new location opposite the GNR in Almancil, we are present on

Thursdays or on appointment in our showroom to explain all options to reduce your energy bills.

SHS Solar Solutions represents the latest technology for the Algarve: Thermodynamics.

It produces Domestic Hot Water, Heating and Under floor Heating and even Pool Heating with NO Sunshine needed !

The Panels can be put flat and out of side or in the shade, so no more ugly tanks on the roof.

The conventional systems often cool down over night in winter. When the sun is not enough in the morning and EDP needs to kick in to heat, they easily consume 3,5Kw per hour.

That Is why the conventional Thermal Solar boilers are obsolete, with a payback time of 8-10 years in this climate it simply does not make sense to spend that much money on it.

Our Thermodynamic DHW and UFH systems produce in rain, with clouds and even at night, in other words when we need the hot water the most.

Visit our Sustainable Superstore showroom opposite the GNR in Almancil on Thursday’s or on appointment:

E: info@sustainable-superstore.com | info@shs-pt.com
T: Showroom 289 356 294 | Mobile 932 650 496


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