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First Class Renewable Energy Systems - Pool Heating, Water Heaters & Ventilation

Gudenergy - First-class Renewable Energy SystemsAre you thinking about heating the water in your swimming pool but still don't know what type of equipment to choose? The ideal would be to opt for an efficient, durable and energy-saving system. It should also be practical, environmentally friendly and free from damage or maintenance, right? We have the heating system you are looking for!

Established in 1998, GudEnergy - Energias Renováveis offer high quality renewable energy and alternative energy systems. Representing only the best brands, Gudenergy provide aerothermal and geothermal heat pumps, solar systems for swimming pool heating, water heating systems and more!

The Premium pool heating system contains all the requirements you want and more. It is a state-of-the-art technology system for heating indoor and outdoor pools, made in Germany, which has proven itself for over 40 years. 

Visit our website to see more details.

Are you looking for a simple solution that is also economical and efficient to heat your home? If so, don't wait any longer. Decide on an alpha-Innotec air / water heat pump and benefit from the low cost of heating production. 

Visit our website see more information about the various heat pumps we can offer.

Moisture, damp, stains on the walls - Residential and commercial ventilation is not great, even with good insulation and sealing of buildings. The cracks cease to exist and the intake of fresh air is reduced.
As a consequence, as a general rule, mold, fungi, stains on the walls develop, bad smells that are signs of poor ventilation. Health can also be affected. As a result, allergies such as asthma, and conditions like respiratory or heart and cardiovascular disease can also be affected.

The solution to all these problems can be solved using our to quality residential and commercial ventilation equipment - whatever your requirements, Gudenergy has the solution for you.

Find out more about ventilation systems for homes, commercial buildings and garages at https://www.gudenergy.pt

SOLAR KERBEROS is a device that allows the efficient use of the energy produced by photovoltaic panels (PV) for heating sanitary water. It ensures maximum use of energy produced by photovoltaic panels, providing domestic water heating with maximum efficiency thanks to the DC / DC converter.

Benefits include:

High efficiency
Easy installation and good quality 
Affordable price
Efficient operation even in winter
Suitable for any type of water heater
Extensibility of new functions 
Environmentally friendly

For expert advice on the latest renewable energy systems for you please contact Gudenergy on  +351 263 655 439, or email geral@gudenergy.pt



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