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Can a battery contain all the emotion of a Porsche?

Can a battery contain all the emotion of a Porsche?Yes, it can and those who were present at Faro Porsche Centre, on 28th February, to assist the outstanding launch of the brand new TAYCAN Turbo S, were able to look closely how the most recent propulsion technology is capable of taking us from 0 to 100km/h in only 2.8 seconds, wrapped in the emotion and the pleasure of driving which only a Porsche is able to provide.

In fact, we couldn’t dream of a better weekend start, since Faro Porsche Centre has prepared a memorable evening, gathering around one hundred excited and passionate clients about the soul of Porsche, to unravel the brand’s electric heart.

Porsche TAYCAN Turbo SThe host, José Barros Rodrigues, who besides being Faro Porsche Centre’s Manager, has a Doctorate Degree in History of Technology, explained how this TAYCAN model, being a product of XXI century’s engineering is, at the same time, the celebration of a cycle which started in the end of the XIX century, when Jacob Lohner, carriage builder, “embraced through the path of automobiles production, initially with a combustion engine, followed by using electric engines and, finally, giving priority to the concept of a ‘mixed’ technology, today known as hybrid, in an extraordinary premonition of the industries’ future, involving the young Ferdinand Porsche in this adventure, which he begin to lead technically”.

Going back to the greatest machine that gathered us all, it is important to mention it represents the most recent propulsion technology which ensures that its power can be reproduced plenty of times: two permanent interaction synchronous motors (PSM) with a power up to 560 kW (761 horsepower). In addition, Taycan also possesses other aesthetics qualities that represent the functionality, aerodynamics and sportive character. And if these features are evident in Porsche’s Soul, we are now able to add to it Taycan’s electric heart, which battery sends shivers down the spine, even when charging: with its 800 volts architecture, it is possible to reach a charging power up to 270 kW. Therefore, in only 5 minutes it’s possible to charge the equivalent up to 100 km of autonomy (WLTP) under legal conditions.

In the end, for a grand finale, we’re only waiting an invitation for the test-drive!


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