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Environment Post-CV19

ENVIRONMENT POST-CV19Scientists publish many reports each day, almost always ignored by the government that pays them. It's time to move ahead. Victor Jorge, a Professor in Portugal, wrote in the book RESSURGIR:

“The European Ecological Pact, PEC, of ​​Dec/19, aims at sustainability, turning environmental challenges into opportunities...

- Use resources through the circular economy
- Restore biodiversity and reduce pollution
- Reach ‘neutral’ by 2050

The EU should support:

- Technologies that are not harmful to the environment
- Industrial Innovation
- Clean, cheap and healthy public and private transport
- Decarbonization of the energy sector
- Energy efficiency of buildings
- Cooperation with others to improve global environmental standards

PEC-rules must be based on sustainable and inclusive action, preventing existing social inequalities. It must create a financial system that supports the Circular Economy and Biodiversity to reach by 2050.
It is vital to have access to public health, decent work and the welfare of the citizen and to prevent the problems that the changes will bring. The PEC-Circular provides for a new industrial strategy. As sustainable products, lasting longer, easy to reuse, repair or recycle; using recycled materials. Legal restrictions are foreseen for those who have a single use.
Producer information on composition, transformation, durability and repairability will be mandatory. Public procurement must have environmental goals to achieve.
This could reduce 90% of the loss in biodiversity and another 0.5% in the EU's GDP by 2030 and 700,000 new jobs”.

The question is HOW TO MAKE IT REAL! As far the European Central Bank decides on all economic, not only financial issues, as far its members are not elected by Europeans, as far most of the vital decisions are made not in parliaments but in Davos, by those 100 banks and giga-corporations who are its main-partners, who trusts those nice sentences?

YES, WE CAN! Time to use the Post-Corona to reestablish a real democracy!

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