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Help Save Alagoas Brancas Wetland - its not too late!

HELP SAVE ALAGOAS BRANCAS WETLAND - ITS NOT TOO LATE!Campaigners, who have been fighting for six years to protect the Alagoas Brancas Wetland in Lagoa against commercial development still need 7,500 signatures and currently only have 2,300. Have you signed the new petition yet?

If you have signed, did you confirm your subscription by email? If you didn't receive the email, it may be in your spam folder. Without confirming the signature is not valid.

Please sign the new petition here… https://peticaopublica.com/pview.aspx?pi=PT114513

See more information regarding the destruction of Alagoas Brancas here: https://algarvedailynews.com/news/21064-destruction-of-the-alagoas-brancas-wetland-is-imminent

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