Are you fed up with your energy bill too ?!

SHS Solar SolutionsWe are running out of the natural resources and to reach them is becoming more and more difficult and expensive. The result is simple: Energy prices are only going up !

Next to the ever rising energy prices we are also subjective to the increasing VAT on top of that. So as soon as we consume electricity we automatically pay 23% extra !!

PV Solar panelsSHS Solar Solutions offers clients the possibility to be step-by-step, partly or completely independent from EDP.

The concept is simple: we consult with the client what the biggest consumers are that build your edp bill. With our SHS Solar Solutions you generate electricity through PV Solar panels which is used when needed.
So not only do you save the EDP consumption……you also save the 23% on top !!

For example, our SHS Poolpump Solution:

Did you know you spend about €600 per year just on your Pool pump, wether you use it or not ? In 10 years you will have spent about €8.000 - €9.000 just on your Pool pump !!

Our SHS Poolpump Solution has a return of 4-5 years AND is expandable for other consumers in future.

Visit our website for more information, and to read regular news updates to keep you informed about the latest renewable developments.

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SHS Solar Solutions


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