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Support Praia Dona Ana and Via Algarviana

Support Praia Dona Ana and Via AlgarvianaAlmargem are asking for your help and support to fund their campaigns on the devastation of the beach environment at Dona Ana, and also the lack of support from the local Camaras for the Via Algarviana.

Regardless of the difficulties it has experienced over recent years, Almargem Association has sought to stay along the path traced from its foundation in 1988 and that is guided by two main outlines:

- strive for a more ecologically balanced future for the Algarve, defending its natural and cultural heritage, denouncing the aggressions from what it has been the target or trying to avoid that they happen;
- contribute to the sustainable development of the Algarve by proposing or deploying projects aimed at increasing environmental awareness and improving economic conditions in the most deprived and desertified areas.

We are currently undertaking a juridical and institutional struggle in order that the environmental crime committed in Dona Ana Beach (Lagos) cannot stay unpunished. In the absence of an environmental impact assessment and a public discussion, a huge dike was built and a massive amount of poor-quality sand was discharged, which completely destroyed the wonderful landscape of a beach considered, until very recently, one the most beautiful in the world.

We also seek to ensure the survival of Via Algarviana, a project that marked the life of our association over the past decade and will certainly pass through history as one of the cornerstones of nature tourism development in the Algarve. Today there are about 800 km of pedestrian routes, thematic routes and other equipments, available to all nature walking and cycling lovers, which were installed using meticulously, until the last cent, EU and national funds we were able to raise.

For these two projects and many others can continue in the immediate future, we now need your help, because we do not have the financial means to perform all the actions we want and need to do.

Please support us by making a donation in cash using our Montepio account:

IBAN: PT50.0036.0418.9910.5000.1498.5.

If you need a receipt, please send us an email with your personal data (almargem@mail.telepac.pt) .

Any type of help will be very welcome and very well used.

Thanks in advance.

José Luís Raposo Victoriano
(Chairman of the Board)

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