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Sustainable Superstore opens in Almancil

Sustainable Superstore opens in AlmancilSHS Solar Solutions, with 5 partners, has now opened the “SUSTAINABLE SUPERSTORE” in Amancil - All of your Energy Saving Concepts under one roof !

• Are you building a sustainable home ?
• Do you need to cut back energy costs ?
• Does your home need insulation ?
• Changing to LED lighting ?

Sustainable Superstore in Almancil will have all Sustainable and Renewable disciplines under one roof.

Too many companies try to do it all, it will not work ! Through our latest business model we bring all real specialists for each discipline together.

- Solar Power Solutions
- Heating and Cooling Solutions
- Solar Hot Water Solutions
- Lighting Solutions
- Water treatment and Pools
- Insulation and Construction
- Anti Damp and Protection Solutions

Visit the Sustainable Superstore website at www.sustainable-superstore.com. Or make an appointment by calling 289 356 294.

Opening hours: Monday - Friday from 10.00 - 18.00

Address: Av. Duarte Pacheco, Lote 60b,  8135-104 Almancil
T: 289 356 294
E: info@sustainable-superstore.com
GPS: 37.084364, 8.022105

Sustainable Superstore - Almancil

Visit the SHS Solar Solutions website for more information, and to read regular news updates to keep you informed about the latest renewable developments.

T: 932 650 496
E: info@shs-pt.com


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