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NEW Financial Portfolio Valuation and Optimisation Service

Portfolio Valuation and Optimisation ServiceAffinity Global Wealth is pleased to announce its new Portfolio Valuation and Optimisation Service.

We have found that most people we meet have several investments, savings and pensions accounts, often with different advisers and companies. Most people have a financial adviser in the UK, a private banker offshore, an old private and/or company pension and bank accounts both in the UK and overseas.

Understanding the cost?

With so many accounts and so many different advisers, what is the real cost of the advice being given?

Many of the real fees are not disclosed or explained.

* Annual Management
* FeesDealing Fees
* Administration Charge
* Bid/Offer Spread
* Fund Manager Fees
* Early surrender Fees

Above are just some of the most common charges, identifying these charges is known as the "Total Expense Ratio", meaning the cost that you are paying that affect the growth and performance of your investment.

Investment Risk?

The common concern that most clients have is a lack of control, many people do not know the current value of their investments or pensions. They do not understand the risk that is being taken on their investments and whether or not this is suitable.

Often the decision were made many years ago and this does not reflect their current age, financial circumstances or risk appetite.

We will guide you through a competent risk profile questionnaire, helping you to determine your current risk profile and access whether or not your investments, savings and pensions are in line with your risk appetite or expectations.

Optimising your portfolio:

You do not need to take out a new investment to become a client with Affinity, we take an holistic approach to financial planning and will review all your existing and/or any new investment. Often we will not advise you to cancel any existing investment unless you are paying unnecessary charges, taxes or you are no longer receiving a good return or service. We will complete a risk assessment on your current portfolio, explain all the charges and make observations and/or recommendations to change.

Affinity do not charge a fee for our Portfolio Valuation Service, you are also under no obligation to take our advice. The real cost is not know what you are paying for your current advice and we can at the very least provide some clarity and peace of mind.

So if you have an existing pension, investment or multiple savings accounts, contact one of our advisers today!

Affinity Global WealthDaniel McGonigle IIQE, FAIQ CII
Managing Partner

"Together We Prosper"

T: +351 289 314 530
F: +351 289 314 520
W: www.affinityglobalwealth.com

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