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Weekly Currency Forecast

Weekly Financial UpdateThe Pound is holding up quite well at the moment. This is in spite of negative news that in the past may well have heralded a down move. The threat of the economy being threatened by sanctions against Russia, the effect on the economy on BREXIT and the news that a large company like Unilever were locating out of the UK.

Along with other negative BREXIT rumours, it held its own, pretty sideways but held its own. It now has to negotiate this week we have inflation numbers, that could either speed up or slow down the next interest rate move, plus various EU committees discussing the UK exit from Brexit (that wasn’t meant to rhyme).

Anyway can Sterling survive. It looks like we may move above 1.14 but we really do not think we will go too much higher. 1.15 may be a rate we see but short term the pound has to become more vulnerable as the curse of BREXIT goes forward. In our view these could be good levels to buy currency.

If we do see a pound rise it had to be against the USD. This should start to weaken again soon especially if the FEDERAL RESERVE monetary policy becomes a little negative in their thinking and we do not see a rate rise when expected.

So, a few bits going on this week to watch out for and we may see a bit of movement so be careful out there!

Have a good week.

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The Premier FX Team

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