IMI payment date delays

IMI payment delaysDo not worry if you are due to make a second IMI payment in September and have not yet been able to make the payment, because in 2013 the dates for payment of your IMI tax (council tax) have been changed.

When the amount of your tax is under 250 euros, the payment is done in one instalment only in April, but when the amount due is between 250 and 500 euros, the payment is done in two instalments, one in April as before, and the second has been moved to November instead of September.

 When the amount due is over 500 euros, then the payment is split in 3 instalments, 1st one in April, 2nd in July and 3rd in November.

 Please note: Although Finanças can now send your tax bills abroad to any EU country, the payments cannot be done by Direct Debit or Bank Transfer from a non-Portuguese bank account. Where you have online banking from a Portuguese bank account, you can use the reference number on the bill to pay online 'Pagamentos ao Estado' with your online banking.

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