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Bitcoin Events in 2021

BITCOIN EVENTS IN 2021Though the crypto ecosystem is just 13 years old, it has already shown much potential in the economic world. The journey that bitcoin has so far is quite unbelievable.

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The year 2021 was especially so noteworthy in the history of bitcoin. So many major incidents happen in the year. The volatility of the crypto market also makes it vulnerable. But still, many nations are slowly accepting it through their payment methods and legal tenders.

Many merchants and businessmen are speaking in favour of bitcoin. Also, legalisation is something that bitcoin achieved in the same year.

Bitcoin's journey might not be easy. But learning is one indispensable aspect of the journey. Therefore, knowing some of the major incidents is important.

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Significant events in the crypto market

Achieved the record-breaking price mark

For the first time in the history of bitcoin, it achieved the benchmark of USD 68,000. Not once, but thrice! Yes. With such a high price, bitcoin again established itself as the highest and largest cryptocurrency among thousands of cryptocurrencies. When it reached such a high valuation, the world got to know about its potential.

El Salvador accepted it

The first country in the whole world to legalise bitcoin as one of their tenders is El Salvador. Last year, it announced that bitcoin would be a legal tender within the country. However, there would be the existence of both bitcoin and their fiat currencies. According to the experts, this move would be very beneficial for the citizen of the country. There is almost seventy per cent of people lack any kind of traditional financial support. In the initial stage of the legalisation, the government had a hold of over 550 bitcoins.

13th on the list

As we stated earlier, it takes time for a currency to get accepted. However, in the 13 years of its journey, bitcoin got a thirteenth place in the list of largest currencies.

Apart from bitcoin, there are multiple other cryptos that will soon come into the list and on the first twelve currencies. Yes, that many potential cryptos possess!

10,000 bitcoin ATMs

One of the biggest concerns of people is how they will sell their bitcoin assets after buying. Or, where will they buy it from if they do not want to use the exchange? Well, the solution is the Bitcoin ATMs. Earlier, there were only a few Bitcoin ATMs. However, 2021 was a milestone in bitcoin history in every sense. This year, 10,000 new bitcoin ATMs were constructed all across the world. This is a huge movement for crypto in the way of getting more acceptance.

Users of the dark web unmasked

Yes, you read it right. Experts unmasked many dark web users with the help of bitcoin. Using the dark web TOR, they pulled out thousands of activities that were going on using illegal bitcoin wallets and accounts. Therefore, it was a great step also.

Tweeter added feature

Tweeter added a feature in the same year using which one can both send and receive tips on bitcoin.

Elon Musk and Tesla Inc.

Elon Musk also tweeted that his electronic car manufacturing company will be accepting bitcoin payments. This is the factor that provided a great push in the price mark of bitcoin in 2021.

However, after a few months, they revoked their decision keeping the environmental issues in mind.

Wrapping it up !!!

Here are some of the useful news that we consider as important. However, do not think that these are the only incidents that happened in 2021. There are multiple other events that also always take place in the history of bitcoin and its journey.

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