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Penny Cryptos that are Suitable for Investors in 2023

PENNY CRYPTOS THAT ARE SUITABLE FOR INVESTORS IN 2023Many investors desire to diversify their portfolios. Therefore, they look for different penny digital currencies, especially affordable ones. Such coins are inexpensively priced. The crypto world deems these penny cryptocurrencies as those priced below $1. In other words, they may enter the crypto space without making heavy investments. 

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Outlined below are eight of the most precious penny cryptocurrencies that should work well for investors in 2023. 

Fight Out

It is the latest in the list of penny virtual currencies. The sector to which it belongs is the move-to-earn sector. This sector/platform enables users to gain rewards by taking exercise routines at home/the gym, to completion. Similarly, Fight Out is keen to set up a network of gyms, which will prove to be pioneers in bringing a deep bonding between workout stations and Web3 technology.

The platform has its native currency – FIGHT. At present, the coin is journeying through its presale phase. Investors may purchase the coin at $0.02097. However, they must hurry, for just about 10% of the total supply of coins is available on cryptocurrency exchanges. After the presale, the price is bound to rise.

Meta Masters Guild

The platform has a native currency – MEMAG, an ERC-20 token. Investors should go for this highly popular choice in 2023. It suffices to lend to the Web3 gaming ecosystem, Meta Masters Guild. The coin is also useful for staking rewards. During the presale phase, the price remained at $0.021. 

Once the presale ends, Meta Masters Guild will launch three exhilarating mobile crypto games. Gems is an in-game digital currency. Users are welcome to accumulate it and exchange the lot for MEMAG tokens. The tokens will find a place in the lists on centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges. Thus far, the accumulated revenue has gone beyond $3.9 million.


The large-cap penny digital currency came into being in 2012. It is priced below $1. Yet, it has stayed at the top as far as market capitalization is concerned. Financial institutions utilize it for low-cost, and rapid cross-border transactions. They use the RippleNet network for this task. True, XRP is confronting regulatory challenges. Yet, it is perfect for receiving high yields. 


The coin is linked to C+Charge. The platform desires to create modifications in the arena of electronic vehicle charging. Drivers of cars may earn carbon credits due to these modifications. Currently, the presale is on, and the token is selling at reduced prices. 

CCHG is aligned with blockchain technology that will serve to lessen carbon pollution. This will lead to the creation of a healthier and cleaner environment in the future.


The cryptocurrency is Chiliz. It aims to bring a connection between sports industries, traditional entertainment, and the digital currency arena. Users of this platform may participate in diverse activities. They include voting activities and different fan engagement activities. They may also accumulate unique experiences, along with unusual merchandise. 


It is connected to a third-generation cryptocurrency platform, Cardano. The idea is to offer a sustainable and functional blockchain platform. The developers are IOHK. The firm is engaged in research and development concerning blockchains. 

The Cardano platform is perfect for developing decentralized applications. The platform itself offers scalability and security. True, the price point is low. Regardless, the Cardano platform may boast of extensive market capitalization.


The gaming platform, RobotEra is linked to the metaverse. It wants a seamless integration between in-game earning opportunities and NFT protocols. The coin that will come into play as an in-platform digital currency, is TARO.

Coming into being in November 2022, the owners place 270 million tokens into circulation. This figure is 15% of the total supply, which approaches 1.8 billion. Until now, numerous tokens have been sold, worth $800,000. Beginning at $0.020, the token is looking forward to a rise now, and in the future.


The meme coin has a large community to support and promote it. It operates on a decentralized platform. The coin is affordable. However, it also carries its risks. Some investors may refuse to touch it. However, bold investors, looking forward to high rewards, may purchase it. The major challenge is the lack of practical application. However, ShibaSwap, its native exchange, is working on this problem. It is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.


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