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This week's 'Tax Insight'

This week's 'Tax Insight'We have been inundated with enquires from many British Nationals who have major concerns about their Trust and its taxation in Portugal. We have either allayed their fears or resolved these tax issues. So if there is anything that concerns you with your financial affairs either in Portugal or the UK, please do not hesitate to contact us for a "no obligation" discussion.

In this weeks 'Tax Insight', we cover the UK Budget and a few other important issues...

Budget - the UK "Walking Tall" - page 1.
The Pension Reforms for UK and Expats - page 2.
The new Tax Free Interest for savers - page 2
The UK Budget Summary - page 3.
US Fed's decision on Interest Rates - page 4.
Miliband's crusade against Tax Havens - page 4

CLICK HERE to read this weeks' Tax Insight.

If these is any aspect within this month's Tax Insight that you wish to attain further detailed information on, or you would like to have any of our previous issues of Tax Insight, please feel free to contact us.

T: 289 392 484
W: www.privatefundmanagement.com


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