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Portuguese Custard Tart Discoveries

Custard tartsSince the Portuguese Discoveries our people have been eager for adventure and to live up to our roots. To discover the world, to work hard and be successful abroad, but always with our eyes and heart in the Portugal we left behind, and the roots that are deep in our soul. This tradition remains and loneliness is kept at bay with the impressions, flavours and smell of Portugal that are expressed by Portuguese from all over the world.

Portuguese Custard Tart Discoveries, by Mar d'EstóriasDuring the short winter break of Mar d’Estórias, we went to discover the world and can confirm this theory: the Portuguese can leave our country, but we never leave behind what defines us. Our last discovery was a coffee shop in Holland named “Margarida”, where you could taste the warmest & crispiest Portuguese custard tarts.

The Portuguese Custard Tart (pastel de nata), one of the most authentic sweets of Portuguese tradition, left Portugal with our people, & became the connection between our communities and our country of origin. As the astrolabe guided the navigators in the Portuguese Discoveries, now this delicacy of Portuguese pastry maintains our compatriots across the borders on a sure course of return to Portugal with every bite. It is, without a shadow of a doubt a pleasure to be far from your country and to find a coffee shop where you can feel at home again.

It is with this power of identification & tradition that the core of the project Mar d’Estórias is established, in which you can recognise the value of what is Portuguese, not only in gastronomy, but also in the culture, art and history that characterizes this country by the sea.

About Mar d’Estórias

Mar d’Estórias is a labyrinthic space consisting of shop, café/bistro, art gallery and sea view terrace bar that invites you to experience the best of Portugal.
Mar d’Estórias opened on 17th June 2016 and arose from a desire to create in Lagos a place that is multifunctional and brings together Portuguese culture, tradition and customs by selling products, services and experiences.

For more information visit:

Address: Rua Silva Lopes, Nº 30, 8600-623 Lagos, Portugal

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