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Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it does buy wine, which is almost the same thing!

Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it does buy wine, which is almost the same thing!We are wine lovers, we admit it! The Mar d'Estórias team, along with most British and Portuguese, like a good meal, where you can not miss a bottle of wine, it doesn’t matter what kind: white, rosé or red; To drink a glass at the end of the day on our terrace in good company, with or without tapas; Or to sip a glass of red while reading a book & listening to the rain falling. Truth be told, no excuse is needed to open a bottle of wine and we believe that you do not need to be knowledgeable to appreciate it.

Ethnologists stir, smell, chew, drink, spit and then recite their classic terminology of "it has a volatile acidity" or "mature tannins" or "full bodied wine" anyway! For most ordinary mortals it is more: "I don’t like this one because it leaves a funny taste in the mouth"! Whatever is your level of knowledge about wines, you certainly want the wine to complement what you are eating, so we feel an obligation to inform you about the good Algarvian wines that are being produced lately.

 Imprevisto -  € 8The Algarve is not one of the best known areas for wine production, but the regions climate and soil heterogeneity makes the Algarve one of the regions with the greatest growth potential of wine production in Portugal. So, here we present 3 brands of Algarvian wines available at Mar d'Estórias along with our suggestions of Chef Megan's dishes:

Imprevisto (Unexpected) (DOC Silves | Red | € 8) – Pork “secrets” served with tomato, bread and bean stew, orange and fennel;

Euphoria (DOC Silves | Red | € 12) – Braised pork neck in onion and beer, served with mushy peas and potatoes;

(DOC Silves | White | € 10.50) - Mackerel fillets, Algarvian salad and marinated potatoes with olive oil and oregano;

(DOC Silves |Rosé | € 12.90) – Braised tuna, carrot purée, muxama, fig, tomato and onion;

Lagoa, known as the Submerso (submerged) for having graduated underwater (DOC Lagoa | Red | € 24) – Roasted octopus served with tomato rice and pickled roast peppers.


About Mar d’Estórias

Mar d’Estórias is a labyrinthic space consisting of shop, café/bistro, art gallery and sea view terrace bar that invites you to experience the best of Portugal.
Mar d’Estórias opened on 17th June 2016 and arose from a desire to create in Lagos a place that is multifunctional and brings together Portuguese culture, tradition and customs by selling products, services and experiences. For more information visit www.mardestorias.com.

Address: Rua Silva Lopes, Nº 30, 8600-623 Lagos, Portugal

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0 #1 Frank Vermorgen 2017-06-25 08:54
Warning for potentian suppliers .this company don't pay your invoices.

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