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Olhão's hidden tapas bar exposed

RecreativaOutsideSmallOlhão has a new tapas bar, set within the historic walls of the Recriativa building in the Avenida da República, far from the busy, sea-front bars and restaurants that keep the tourists fed and watered.
Taberna da República is now open as a delicious adjunct to the classes, art shows, exhibitions, celebrations and social activities now being run by the dynamic Associação Cultural Re-Creativa República 14, saviour of the building and bringer of buzz and excitement to the centre of the city.
The new Taberna offers a wide range of drinks and wines, with a pleasing emphasis on Algarvian wines, plus a varied tapas menu, ideal choices for snacks, lunch or larger dinners with friends.
The part-tiled walls retain an old style bodega feel to this cosy space, or, if the sun is shining, you can bask on the terrace.
The food is intriguing, delicious and exceptional, made to order rather than pre-cooked and reheated. The folded camembert in light pastry is an especial favourite with locals who, with a glass of vinho verde in hand, have been keeping quiet about this gem so as to keep it low-key and to themselves.
Now, the secret is out and we can all share in the twin delights of good food and good company. 
As for the Taberna’s foodie credentials, I am unable to name another Portuguese chef with a dish named in her honour on the menu at Buckingham Palace.
The Taberna da República is at the rear of the long, white, Recriativa building at 14 Avenida da República, a few doors up from Novo Banco. If you can find Olhão’s only church, the taberna is about 50 metres away from its northern side. 
Group lunches and dinners can be organised with reservations - 966 634 355.
Monday to Thursday 10:30 to 19:00
Friday 10:30 to 24:00
Saturday 10:30 to 24:00
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