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Olhão: Chá Chá Chá's August artist of the month - Rachel Ramirez

RamirezChaCha2PicSmallRachel Ramirez and Kevin Gould, one an internationally acclaimed artist, the other a former travel writer, turned restaurateur and owner of Chá Chá Chá in what now is the coolest part of Olhão, one block back from the famous fish market.

Rachel is the restaurant’s August artist of the month and a wide selection of her work, centred on the creatures and plants of the Ria Formosa and, latterly, man’s discarded objects collected while beach-combing, is on display and for sale.

This artist’s work never fails to intrigue, look out for the octopus print that was created using the creature’s own ink.

The Ria Formosa links these two creative disciplines, food and art - and has long been revered as one of the Portugal’s natural wonders due to its endless sandy beaches and fresh seafood from the lagoon. This is where Chá Chá Chá excels, new designs with bustingly fresh ingredients and the same Ria is where Ramirez draws much of her inspiration.

During the month of August at Chá Chá Chá, Gentlemen should check out the Ladies room and vice versa as Rachel’s artwork also can be cheeky - but remember to knock first...


Artist of the Month 1- 31 August, 2018  

chá chá chá, Travessa do Gaibeu 19, Olhão, Portugal







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