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Algarve Wine Guide

Algarve Wine GuideThe wines of the Algarve are as good as the best wines that are produced in otherwine-producing areas of Portugal, in fact they are just as good as many other wines produced in wine-growing countries that are well-known worldwide for the excellence of their wines.

Learn more about the wine growing areas of the Algarve, where they are, the grape varieties and the actual wines themselves.

CLICK HERE to read or download the Algarve Wine Guide.


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0 #1 DAVID 2021-05-01 20:17
There are now some reasonable wines produced in the Algarve with Quinta dos Vales leading the pack and Casa sta Lima pushing hard but they have a long long way to go to catch up with most of the rest of the country. I firmly believe that Portugal is now producing on average better and cheaper wines than any other country in the world. France is falling behind largely because they believe in their past and have not moved on whereas Portugal has been quick to adapt to modern techniques without losing touch with history. my UK cellar of well over 1000 bottles is now 80% Portuguese. The only area that the Portuguese lag behind are sparkling wines: there are a few from the Bairrada region which are drinkable but they still are a little bit behind the best Cavas.

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