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Portugal: Wine - Tourism Paradise

PORTUGAL: WINE - TOURISM PARADISE Some 16 years ago, I started writing about Portuguese wines, in both Brazilian and Swedish media. Some 14 years ago, I wrote features in local newspapers on how to export to premium niches in ten markets. Potential importers said it was to reach two billion in additional sales.

I have been a judge in Wine Awards, visited hundred producers from Minho to the Algarve. I then guided Nordic wine-club members and directors, to producers in most regions.

Twelve years ago, I arranged in a wine-tasting dinner in Sweden, in a different way that producers are used to, in a hotel far away from large cities, where most participants would stay overnight. Next morning producers met niche-importers for gourmet restaurants, directors, media-people. Shortly after, all those producers started exporting for a good profit.

In my book EMPREENDER TURISMO DE NATUREZA, chapters 13 and 14, I detailed how to arrange wine-tourism. Same in THE FUTURE OF TOURISM, chapter 8. I also wrote about one specific grape producer in ALGARVE/ALENTEJO - MY LOVE.

The 5th UNWTO Global Conference on Wine Tourism brought hundreds of people to Monsaraz in Alentejo. It was well arranged by Turismo de Portugal, with excellent speakers from all the world. We heard details on this business, with great potential for Portugal. From the US, Spain, France, Georgia, Greece, and all Portuguese regions, Sheree Mitchell, Florence Maffrand, Adrian Bridge, Rita Soares, Frederico Falcão and Maria João Almeida.

Minister Vieira da Silva, speaking. To the left, in 1st row, Rita Marques, Secr.State of Tourism

Minister Vieira da Silva, speaking. To the left, in 1st row, Rita Marques, Secr.State of Tourism

Luís Araújo, of Turismo de Portugal, stressed ways to update wine tourism and presented an excellent flash to attract visitors. Vitor Silva, Agencia de Turismo Alentejo, mentioned the importance of local handicraft, gastronomy and wines for rural development. Minister Siza Vieira is supporting wine quality, regional wine development and training, to raise exports, which brings rural sustainable development. Secretary of State Rita Marques said one of the goals for tourism now is to engage more associations to reach an all year-round tourism in Portugal.    


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