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Vineyard Tasting Series # 1 - Great wines of the Algarve

MOVINEYARD TASTING SERIES -  # 1 / GREAT WINES OF THE ALGARVEIn the upcoming weeks Morgado do Quintão’s Wine Club will be launched. The very 1st event for prospective members will take place on March 18th at 18:30h, with a collection of special tastings led by in-house sommelier with wines from all over Portugal and beyond.

As Portuguese wine buzz starts to grow around the world, Morgado do Quintão want to make sure wine lovers can both learn and enjoy some of the most curious wines around in the beautiful setting of Morgado do Quintão, on the outskirts of Silves. 
In the VINEYARD TASTING SERIES, they will showcase wines and share in their story in a series of tastings run by in-house WSET III-sommelier, with a focus on Portugal and projects whom Morgado do Quintão love and admire.

The VINEYARD TASTING SERIES -  # 1 / GREAT WINES OF THE ALGARVE, on March 1th  at 6:30pm, will introduce you to wines made by Algarve producers. Morgado do Quintão wines will not be part of this tasting. Instead, in this informative and collaborative session, they will capture the essence of these wines and appreciate the labour of love of those who are part of the Algarve winemaking community. 

Agenda - March 18th 2022

18.30h  Welcome & Introductions - Intro to MdQ Wine Club
18.45h   Tasting begins, served with local nibbles & crackers 
19.30h   Questions & mingling time
20.00h   Farewell


  • 360º CASTELÃO, Apr 8th
  • 3-in-1 CRATO, SIRIA, CÓDEGA, Mai 27th

For reservations: fareharbor.com/embeds/book/morgadodoquintao/items/364862


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