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Wine tasting with Nordic experts

WINE TASTING WITH NORDIC EXPERTSGOLFLAND restaurant in ALVOR held a wine tasting event on May 26th, mainly for Nordic and British connoisseurs. Many have already passed their companies on to their children, some continue to preside over the Board of Directors.

Others work from the Algarve part of the month and fly home for a week or two every other month. Most have their second home here in the Algarve, some are looking to buy a house here.

Jack Soifer told the history of wines in Portugal and the history of each connoisseur family, Some of whom he has known for 40 years.

He presented six wines from Malhadinha Nova, with Casa Relvas from Alentejo, Cabrita and Quinta dos Vales from the Algarve being the producers chosen for this event. The wine tasting finished with a Taylors Vintage, 14 years old.
Jack asked visitors to give their opinions, to sing and by the end of the evning guests enjoyed a dance. The event, intended to be just over an hour, was just coming to end three hours later!

This group arrange representation dinners, and influence restaurants in their cities across Europe. Some have already asked for another tasting event soon.

Jack Soifer hosting a WINE TASTING event with NORDIC EXPERTS

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