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“The Best Wine of the Algarve” 2014

“The Best Wine of the Algarve” 2014The team at Quinta dos Vales has once again achieved all its targets in quality, winning for the third time “The Best Wine of the Algarve” , this year for the “Grace Vineyard” 2009 red. This means they won both Gold and Great Gold Medal in the “7th Algarvian Wine Competition” at the FATACIL in Lagoa, on the 16th of August 2014.

This serves as confirmation of the long-established quality of the "Marquês dos Vales" wines, after the "Grace Vineyard" 2008 red also won Gold in “Mundus Vini” in Germany last Autumn.

Considering the overall improvement of the quality of Algarvean wine in the last few years, Quinta dos Vales is especially proud to have once again proven its leading edge in such a competitive region, bursting with highly engaged wineries.

Surpassing the 100 international awards' milestone in the short 7 years since the rebirth of the boutique winery lays proof that the team's efforts and selection procedures in the fields and cellar have indeed paid off.

Congratulations also go to the other Algarvean wineries, whom have introduced, without a doubt, some outstanding wines this year.

The Algarve has made its point as a serious wine region, and it seems it will repeat Alentejo's success story of the mid 90's.

Fact Sheet:
100+ international awards;
- “Grace Touriga Nacional” 2008 - “The Best Wine of the Algarve” 2010;
- “Grace Viognier” 2012 - “The Best Wine of the Algarve” 2013;
- “Grace Vineyard” 2009 - “The Best Wine of the Algarve” 2014;
- “Grace Viognier” 2010 - “Medal of Excellence” 2011;
- Two Gold medals in 2012;
- Two Gold medals in 2013;
- Silver medal for “Primeira Selecção” 2011 red in this year's competition.

For more information we recommend visiting our Facebook page: http://facebook.com/QuintaDosVales.Vinho.e.Arte

W: www.quintadosvales.eu

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