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Best wine south of the Tagus?

“Grace Vineyard” 2009 red Quinta dos Vales managed to achieve once again an important milestone for its “Marquês dos Vales” wines. Just weeks after the “Grace Vineyard” 2009 red was awarded a double gold medal and the title of “The Best Wine of the Algarve”, it has now also won the FIJEV 2014 Trophy for the best red wine of the competition held during VINIPAX 2014 in Beja.

“Grace Vineyard” 2009 red Aníbal Coutinho, one of the country's leading wine specialists, presided over the blind tasting panel, which comprised 16 members of the “International Federation of Wine and Spirits Journalists and Writers”,
6 of which were Portuguese journalists and wine critics, and ultimately granted this prestigious trophy.

Organizer FIJEV was created in 1989 and has members in 60 countries around the world (http://www.fijev.org).

Karl Heinz Stock, owner and managing director of Quinta dos Vales, said:

This trophy has been published in the press in previous years often with the superlative 'Best Wine of the South of Portugal'. While it is certainly a prestigious trophy, I think we should be slightly more modest. Firstly because certainly not all premium wines of southern Portugal participated in the competition, and secondly because such awards carry always a certain element of luck. However, I am convinced that these continued awards are a clear indication that the wines of the Algarve region, and obviously those of our winery, are climbing year after year in the ranking and can compete with some of the real excellent wines of Portugal.

W: www.quintadosvales.eu
Facebook: QuintaDosVales.Vinho.e.Arte
Blog: marquesdosvales.blogspot.com
Twitter: twitter.com/quintadosvales

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