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Say It With Flowers: Great Flowers to Grow in Your Garden

SAY IT WITH FLOWERS: GREAT FLOWERS TO GROW IN YOUR GARDENFlowers are a common luxury that most of us indulge in. A single rose can make our day bright. A garden-full of different blooms, however, will feel like heaven. Flowers are nature’s gift to us, and it is proper that we return the favour by taking care of them.

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If you wish to start a garden, there are so many great blooms out there to choose from. There are many varieties in different kinds and colors. Some are perfect as potted plants, borders, or placed in window boxes. Here are some of the great flowers that you can grow:    


Geraniums are beautiful flowers that you can start growing. It can thrive under the heat of the sun. They can also be grown indoors, provided that they are given enough light and proper care. Geraniums typically grow during the warmer part of the year. However, they should be placed indoors when it starts to get cold.

You can place them in pots while providing them with enough light, or they can be re-planted after keeping it dormant for most of the winter. You do not have to worry about taking care of it during its dormancy as the work requires only a little care.

Grecian Windflowers

Grecian Windflower is just one of the many varieties of windflowers. Windflowers go by the scientific name of Anemone. In Greek mythology, Anemones came into being after they sprang from the tears shed by the goddess, Aphrodite, after the death of her lover, Adonis. Quite romantic, right?

A recipient of the Royal Horticultural Society award of garden merit, Grecian windflowers look like daisies. You can grow this under the full sun, but it is ideal to grow it in partial shade. To make your flower bed more pleasing to look at, add Grecian windflowers to your garden.


Petunia is an ornamental plant and is commonly grown in flower beds and window boxes. It has a trumpet-shaped flower that makes it an attractive ornament for your garden. It can survive under any soil.

This plant grows under a moderate climate and produces fewer flowers if placed under the shade. It is best to give it enough sun exposure to get the best blooms from the plant.


Verbena has flowers that range in different colors, from pink to violet. Such a burst of colors adds an attractive element to your garden. Its clustered flowers are best when combined with other flower varieties. Since this is low maintenance, it does not need much water but avoid leaving it dry for long periods.

They are usually used as hanging pot arrangements and are good as borders. Sometimes they are planted on cracks in the walls and rocks to accentuate.     


Rose is a typical flower that we get during Valentine’s Day or any celebration. But this is a highly revered flower since time immemorial and is commonly associated with love, passion, and beauty. There are several classifications of roses. The American Rose Society provides these main categories: Species; Old Garden Roses (those that existed before 1867); and Modern Roses (those that did not exist before 1867). 

Rose is a classic flower breed that needs a space in your garden. They are easy to care for and need seven to eight hours of sunlight. Allow ample space between each of your roses so that they may have enough room to grow. Put some fertilizer so that you can get more beautiful blooms.  


Fuchsias are gorgeous ornamental flowers that hang like chandeliers. They are also called lady’s eardrops because they resemble a lady’s earrings. Fuchsias thrive in cool temperature and moist air. Dry air tends to deteriorate the plant as it starts to wilt. During summer, it is wise to hydrate your plant as it requires a lot of water especially if it is exposed to the sun.

Wilting fuchsias may also happen as a result of too much water. Make sure that your soil is moist and well-drained. 


These sophisticated-looking flowers came from the Anglo Saxon term ‘daes eage’, which means day’s eye. A single daisy is a composite of two flowers: the disk floret and the ray floret. The white part is what most people refer to as the flower. But the yellow in the middle is also a cluster of  flowers.

The Shasta daisies can spread quite aggressively if not contained. You should keep them in flower beds to prevent them from self-seeding. They can grow nicely in well-drained soil and under the sun.   


Iris is a tall-flowering plant that produces beautiful and elegant-looking flowers. It can thrive in the full sun and prefers fertile soil. Do not overwater the plant because it can cause rotting in its roots. If you notice your iris produces fewer flowers, that means the rhizomes are overcrowding. To solve this problem, you have to transplant them.


Keeping your blooms healthy and thriving requires a lot of effort and time, but this can be a rewarding and pleasurable experience. You get a certain satisfaction by just looking at them. According to one article, being around nature can help boost concentration and memory. It also gives positive energy, reduces stress, and keeps you happy.

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