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4 Benefits to Using Expandable Hoses

4 BENEFITS TO USING EXPANDABLE HOSESWhile you might want to water plants and control your garden every single summer, no one wants to drag their kinky, dragged up, cumbersome hose to the gardens every single day. The hoses are heavy, they kink and bunch up, and they often take too long to unfurl and also furl back up, making watering the plants a massive hassle. 

However, the best way to overcome the downsides of regular hoses is to embrace all the benefits of expandable hoses! They do quite a lot for people who are sick and tired of moving big and cumbersome hoses around, and if you want the use of hoses without all the heaviness and awkwardness, then take a look at all the benefits of expandable hoses.

It Never Gets Tangled Or Kinks

One of the biggest problems with any hose that either is older or also gets a great many uses out of it is that they get very tangled and occasionally very kinked up. This can impact how you store the hose, how much water pressure that you have to work with within the hose, and how cumbersome and awkward the hose is to drag around. If a tangled up hose is giving you a lot of trouble, then you need to grab an expandable hose.

By design an expandable hose is designed to coiled up like a snake. The materials of most of the expandable hoses are all able to be kink and tangle free, and in most cases it is impossible to tie up and tangle the hose… whether the water is on or off. You can turn the water on and the hose becomes hard and filled with water, and when the water is turned off the hose simply deflates and coils back up.

This will also allow you to move the hose whenever you need to get around your yard, without having to fight with the hose or have any major drops in water pressure. Plus, that also leads to our second main benefit.

The Expandable Hose Is Very Easy To Store

A deflated and coiled up water hose, even one that is around 100 feet in length, is still pretty small when compared to a traditional hose. You can coil it up into a very small bundle that you can store in a drawer, on a shelf, inside of a shed, or even outside, but you won’t need to watch the hose take up more space than it needs to take.

While you might not want to use your hose every single day, being able to get an expandable hose in and out of a shed or garage, and then know that it is going to coil and uncoil itself without any trouble is going to make everything very easy. 

The Expandable Hose Never Loses Water Pressure

One of the troubles with a kinked hose is that they can vary in water pressure, especially as you drag the hose around the yard. If you don’t want a dozen problems with the water as you move the hose around the yard, then an expandable hose is still pretty interesting. Since the hose doesn’t kink as you move it, then the water pressure you get from the sprayer will never change.

Plus, once you are done with the hose, you can simply leave it to drain itself. Instead of having to place the hose on a slope like you would have to do with a regular hose, you can just allow it to drain itself without any trouble. Additionally, during the draining process the hose also curls up and moves out of the way, allowing you to easily move it out of the way.

Expandable Hoses Are Easy and Simple

Yard work can be very tough if you don’t know what you are doing, and even if you do know what you need to do to get your yard 100%, it can be very sweaty and hard work. Instead of spending valuable time wrestling with a hose and dragging it from place to place, you can watch the hose straighten itself out and easily water whatever you need it too.

Then once you are done watering it simply coils back up and can be stored anywhere. In a world where you need to wrestle with lawnmowers, weed eaters, and other yard tools, you need to have something that is very easy for you to use. An expandable hose is one of the best types of tools to make everything very easy.

And whenever you’ve got a ton of yard work to do, making everything very easy is going to ensure you can spend less time working in your yard, and more time enjoying the outdoors in less labor heavy ways. Who doesn’t like that?


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