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How to make your garden work for your dog

HOW TO MAKE YOUR GARDEN WORK FOR YOUR DOGWhen it comes to perfecting your property, creating a warm and welcoming garden environment is crucial. After all, a garden is typically a hub of activity, with people hosting barbecues, playing games with loved ones, or simply relaxing on a comfortable chair with a good book. It’s also a place for dogs to stretch their legs and have a bit of fun.

Not every garden is necessarily designed with a dog in mind, though. For example, some gardens come with numerous dangers to dogs that some pooch owners aren’t aware of, be it toxic plants or even gaps in fences that can lead to a potential escape. Dogs, therefore, need to be factored into any garden plans you might have, particularly as they generally love an outdoor space.

It’s somewhere they can embark on the same tail-wagging adventures that are seen in The Dog House game, plus they can even sit down with you for some healthier food compared to the grub featured in Pet Fooled, a fascinating documentary many dog owners have watched.

In order to make your garden a fun place for your dog, below are some things to focus on to help you establish a welcoming outside space for your canine chum.

Plant herbs

As you’re probably aware, if you’ve got an energetic dog, it loves to explore open spaces and sniff and locate various things. For many dogs, herbs are attractive as they give them something to smell, and they can track down new plants with their impressive noses. As such, consider planting fragrant herbs in different positions and at different heights that will enable your dog to use its nose and explore.

Build a range of features

In the same way that dogs love to sniff a range of stuff and they’re inquisitive creatures on the whole, they are also drawn to a variety of objects at differing levels. It’s, therefore, a great option when it comes to piquing your pooch’s interest, with many dog owners adding small benches for them to fall asleep on, water features for them to play around in, and objects like garden ornaments to keep them firmly entertained.

Go with shallow water featuresDifferent textures create sensory stimulation

Another key thing to consider is the opportunity to create sensory stimulation for your dog. This can be achieved quite simply by hiding toys in tough-to-reach places, treats in non-toxic sand, and even objects like balls or wood chips in certain spots around the garden. Dogs love to have fun and explore their surroundings, making this particular option an effective way of making sure they do exactly that.

Go with shallow water features

Although the aforementioned water features are capable of pulling in the most picky of pooches, that larger and deeper option you’ve been considering might not be ideal here. Instead, the best type of water features that can cater for your canine are generally shallow water features, such as a paddling pool. Not only do they provide a refreshing spot for your dog to cool off in the boiling hot months, but it’s another location for them to have some fun and splash around. It’s worth noting that you should probably be there to supervise any water-based shenanigans, though.

Create a shady spot

A necessity in the summer months, it’s also important to establish a cosy and shady spot for your dog to cool down in. Be it under a tree or even besides a table, you should also add somewhere for your furry friend to drink water and essentially create a place where they can hydrate and stay out of the blistering heat. 


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