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"So many old friends" ensure successful charity lunch for horse riding teacher Gill

Charity lunch for ex horse riding teacher Gill - March 7thMany of you will remember Gill from the horse riding centre opposite the International School in Porches. She gave so much to her students by helping them not only on the horse but off it. She concentrated on each child to give them confidence and to make them feel special.

Whilst doing a favour for a friend, she suffered a tragic car accident. This left 54-year-old Gill with a severed spine. She is now a tetraplegic without feeling in most of her body. Through concentrated physiotherapy she has regained partial use of her left arm.

Gill is the most positive, upbeat person you could meet. Her lively, positive attitude to life, her wonderful sense of humour and keen brain have allowed her to overcome her numerous disabilities. She lives alone and maintains her independence relying heavily on helpers to wash and dress her and to prepare her for bed each night. Her food is delivered and someone comes to clean her apartment.

A group of friends have been raising funds to buy a ramp, a medical bathing chair and a new 'hospital type' bed better suited to her needs, and essential specialised support belts to help improve the quality of Gill’s everyday life.

These items are completely out of her budget. She exists on a low subsidized state stipend.

You have heard the phrase “there is always someone worse off than you are”. Well Gill is that person. Daily, she suffers indignities that come with being a tetraplegic.

The group arranged a charity lunch in Alvor on March 7th at the new Indian Restaurant Masala House, and over 90 people attendedand. Organiser, Angela Broad, sent in this report:


"Charity Curry Lunch – Freedom for a friend."

"The sponsored lunch in Masala House Indian Restaurant in Alvor on Tuesday 7th March for our dear friend Gil, was a huge success.

Gil suffered a tragic car accident which has left her as a tetraplegic.

Thanks to the Algarve Daily News, many long- term residents who had lost touch with Gil and read about the lunch came to the fund raising.

It was a very happy afternoon when old friendships were renewed and new ones made. Thank you to all those who supported the event in any way.

If anyone here or abroad who remembers Gill wishes to contribute to the fund to purchase equipment to help Gill to go about her daily life, please contact Algarve Daily news and use their PayPal account (see bwloe) or call Angela Broad (919 272 623)"




Visit paypal.me/AlgarveDailyNews to make a donation to help purchase essential equipment for Gill.

Donations will be collected and forwarded along with a donation from algarvedailynews.


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+4 #3 Angela Broad 2017-02-13 13:42
The Algarve Daily news has very kindly made available their paypal account for immediate donations - thank you.
+3 #2 Ann lancaster 2017-02-13 12:07
I agree with my sister, Gil is a most deserving cause. Imagine having these disabilities and no way to
help yourself financially to get the specialized hospital equipment you need.

A few years ago, as part of a small group, we did raise enough money for Gill to have buy an automatic door opener and have it installed on her apartment door, (she had no way to open her door), and a pair of prescription glasses.

Gil has been away for a long time for considerable phisiotherapy. Happy to hear of her again!

I am very glad to see that this worthy woman is being helped with this function. Please support Gil by coming to the lunch or a donation. Any amount would be welcome.
+3 #1 Kathie Lancaster 2017-02-12 16:15
This is a very worthy cause. We raised money to buy Gil a automatic door opener as she could not open her apartment door on her own. You will never meet such a lovely lady and so upbeat even after having her day to day struggles.

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