5 triggers of male hair loss - is it only genetics?

5 triggers of male hair loss - is it only genetics?5 triggers of male hair loss - is it only genetics?It is with horror that some people one day realize that their hair is falling out. Is it because of some sort of illness, or perhaps a bad diet is a culprit? In a second, you’ll learn what the causes of male hair loss are. Let’s go!

Family history
The most common cause of hair loss is heredity. If your father and grandfather have experienced hair loss at a specific age, then the same could also happen to you. It doesn’t mean that it necessarily will - you inherit genes from both of your parents. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done about hereditary baldness caused by genes.

Bad diet
Although a bad diet is a relatively rare cause of baldness, if you are not eating enough protein, you might notice that your hair is thinning out. It is especially common when it comes to some strict diets that allow eating only a limited amount of calories per day. If you want to learn more about a proper diet, you can check out MedicineDirect.

Medical conditions
Another reason why you might be experiencing hair loss is that you might have an illness that is causing your hair to fall out. People who have thyroid problems often have receding hairlines. Skin infections, such as ringworm, also often lead to hair loss, though heart blood pressure or heart problems could be the culprit as well. In this case, if you manage to deal with your medical conditions successfully, your hair should get back to normal.

It is also possible that the hair loss is not caused by your medical condition itself, but by a medication that you are taking. Once your treatment finishes, your hair should grow back.

Although some people think that it is only a myth, stress or emotional trauma can lead to hair falling out. If you are suffering from depression, your hair might fall out as a result.

Another thing that could be causing your hair loss is your hairstyle. Constantly pulling your hair, which is the case when it comes to hairstyles such as pigtails, could also be the reason why your hair is falling out.

You are also likely to encounter some myths about hair loss. The most common are:

“The weight of longer hair might be damaging the root of your hair.” That’s not true. Although it is possible to damage the root of your hair by excessive pulling, the weight of the hair is not enough to cause any damages to its root.

“Hats cause hair loss”. According to this theory, wearing hats leads to hair loss, which is not true. They don’t cut off the circulation, and they don’t damage hair in any way whatsoever.

“Using shampoo causes hair loss”. Although if you use excessive force, you could damage your hair, shampooing won’t harm your hair.

“Chlorinated water will damage your hair”. No studies so far have found out a link between swimming in chlorinated, or even salt water and loss of hair.

“Hair dryers cause loss of hair”. Although it is true that hot air can damage hair, it won’t cause any damage that won’t be repaired with time.

Although you will likely come across some methods of reversing hair loss that might even work, you should consider whether cutting all your hair wouldn’t be a better choice than fighting a losing battle. If your hair is thinning out because of some temporary reason, then such drastic measures wouldn’t be necessary, but there is no shame in going bald. You might think that you look better with hair, but it might be just because you are not used to seeing yourself without any hair on your head.

Alternatively, if you couldn’t possibly imagine going through life with a bald head, you could consider hair transplantation. If you are ready to spend several thousand dollars for a hair transplant, you should remember that the success ratio of hair transplants is not 100%, although it’s pretty high. Even if everything goes alright, the hair might start to fall out with time. If you don’t want to spend that much money, you could try another option. Although you might think that wigs belong to the 18th century only, there are wigs now that look the same as normal hair. As compared to the hair transplants, the cost would be much lower.

Not the end of the world!
There are many reasons why people go bald. In some cases, it might be due to their parents’ genes, whereas at other times the bad diet is a culprit. It is understandable that many people fight tooth and nail to reverse the process of balding, as the hair is part of their identity. Unfortunately, if the causes are not temporary, you won’t be able to stop your hair from falling out. If nothing convinces you that you can be attractive without any hair on your head, you could consider spending some money on a hair transplant or purchasing a wig. No one would be able to spot the difference!

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