Qualities to Look For in a CBD Product

QUALITIES TO LOOK FOR IN A CBD PRODUCTCBD is becoming more and more popular and accepted as we come to learn about it in more detail. Cannabidiol products, popularly known as CBD products, are obtained from cannabis. This chemical, naturally found in marijuana plants, is a type of cannabinoid.

Though derived from the marijuana plant, CBD products lack the component THC that gives you a high. People have gradually started realizing the health benefits of CBD products. This has brought about a rise in the CBD industry. Unfortunately, proportional to the rise of this industry is the confusion and misconceptions in the minds of the customers. There are many doubts in the minds of people regarding the quality and use of CBD products. And then we have the recurring question: how does one evaluate the quality of a CBD product? Well, to answer that question, we have compiled a list of ways in which you can judge the quality of a CBD product. 

The Manufacturing Process

The way the CBD products are manufactured tells you a lot about their quality. When cheap methods are used for extracting CBD oil, toxic substances like propane, hexane, pentane, and butane are used. If good quality graded ethanol is used for extraction, it helps in removing the unwanted toxins and residual remains of the hemp plant. Ethanol is considered to be the most efficient extraction method by many experts and is one of the safest methods for CBD oil extraction. And, when comparing all the methods, the natural cannabinoids are retained to the maximum when using ethanol. Try to get information from the company’s website about its manufacturing process. If the company does not provide its customers with the details of its manufacturing process, it is advisable to avoid the products of these companies because they are likely to use cheaper methods of extraction for manufacturing.

The Growing of Hemp       

Whenever you want to judge the quality of the end product, always check the quality of the materials used for that product. Hemp is a hyperaccumulator. Any toxins or heavy metals from the soil are easily absorbed by it. If the soil in which the hemp is grown is rich in toxins and metals, they will make their way into the end product as well. Hemp that is grown in a highly controlled environment and in high-quality soil will ensure the quality of the CBD end product. So before you decide on the product you want to buy, find out where and how the hemp it is extracted from was grown. 

Third-Party Lab Results (COA’s)

Third-party results or certificates of analysis, are always provided by high-quality CBD products. There are labs specially created to maintain the quality of the CBD products. They make sure that the CBD products have their THC levels below the legal limit of 0.3% and that there are no harmful impurities present in them. The professionals at CBD Organics have highlighted the importance of third-party lab results. According to them, if a company is offering the best high-quality products, it will surely supply COA’s to its customers. 

THC Levels

QUALITIES TO LOOK FOR IN A CBD PRODUCTThere are restrictions and limits set on the levels of THC that your CBD products can contain. If your CBD products contain more than the prescribed levels, i.e. 0.3%, your products are most probably illegal. Moreover, it could have adverse effects on your health as it is the THC content that is responsible for its intoxicating consequences. So it is extremely important to ensure that the THC levels of the CBD products are well below the prescribed levels.       

Full Spectrum CBD Products

CBD products can either be manufactured using the entire hemp plant or from its isolates. A full spectrum of hemp that is manufactured from the entire plant will retain most of its natural chemicals. The natural chemicals present in hemp, i.e. terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids, give higher benefits than CBD alone does. Though CBD isolates are very popular, they are not as effective and beneficial as full-spectrum CBD products. 

Know its Ingredients

CBD products are often used to reduce stress and anxiety. Make sure that the carrier oil used to stabilize and preserve the CBD oil is of good quality. MCT or medium-chain triglycerides, which is a natural extract from raw coconut oil, is one of the best carrier oils available. The presence of terpenes also determines the quality of the CBD products since they are reported to have therapeutic and health-boosting benefits. 

Transparency in a Brand

The brands that market high-quality CBD products will have no qualms in maintaining transparency about their method of manufacturing or the place where they obtain their hemp. The fact that they maintain transparency and share information with their customers indicates their assurance of high-quality products. Customer service should be easily approachable and quick to respond, something which is always present in high-quality brand products.  


The reputation of a company is an important factor in determining the quality of CBD products. A company can maintain a good reputation only if the products it offers are of good quality. Reading reviews of people who have used the product is helpful in knowing the quality of the products. Word of mouth reviews of current users is also another way to judge the reputation of a company.         

The CBD manufacturing industry is comparatively a new one. There are a lot of restrictions that need to be taken care of. CBD rules and regulations and their enforcement are not yet at the desired level, but they should improve in the coming years. Till then, the customer needs to be aware of what they are buying and ensure the high of the products they are going for. In order to facilitate the customers and keep you informed, we have brought to you these qualities which will help you differentiate between a good quality CBD product and a bad one. So go ahead, push your apprehensions aside, look for the qualities we have mentioned here, and you will never go wrong. 


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