The Ideal Temperature For Vaping Cannabis

THE IDEAL TEMPERATURE FOR VAPING CANNABISAdmittedly, vaping weed is the healthiest way to ingest Cannabis. Compared to ingesting and smoking marijuana, the vaporized herb comes without lethal carcinogens and smoke.

Then again, there is one important aspect of vaping Cannabis that demands special attention – the temperature. It plays a key role in determining the effects a cannabis fanatic will experience. 

The right Vaporizer Temperatures For Cannabis will be a guarantee for efficiently vaporized terpenes and cannabinoids, which will result in optimal recreational and medicinal benefits.

How To Choose The Correct Temperature

Choosing the ideal temperature for your vaporizer boils down to experimenting and determining what works best for you. Everybody's preferences will differ depending on whether they enjoy a thick, hot vapor or a smooth, mellow vapor.

One of the main aspects of choosing a good temperature depends on the material you're vaporizing, and the atomizer or attachment you are using. E-liquids and oil require a mid to high temperature gradient, dry herbs will vaporize better with a lower temperature spectrum, while wax and other concentrates perform better under higher temperatures.

Some folks enjoy pulling huge clouds when they vape. These individuals like their vapor to be thick and warm and will mess up their vapes at high temperatures. Others enjoy fainter clouds and like their vapor smooth and cool, so they use lower temperatures.

After you've been vaping and experimenting for a while, you'll get a feel for what kind of temperatures are ideal for you.

Low-Temperature Vs. High-Temperature 

Now it's time to go over the key differences between low and high temperatures. There will always be individuals who enjoy lower temperatures over higher temperatures and vice

versa. Let's look at what makes each option unique.

Cloud Production

At high temperatures, the vapor you exhale will be thick and easy to see. Most vapers enjoy blowing out large clouds that only high temperatures can produce. 

At lower temperatures, your vape will produce subtler, harder to see clouds. Some folks don't like blowing out giant clouds, especially in places where stealth is necessary.


With high temperatures, some materials have a strong taste. This is true for some wax concentrates and e-liquids.

At low temperatures, you're highly unlikely  to burn what you're vaping. Consequently, a more consistent, flavorful cloud is obtained at lower temperatures.

Beneficial Effects

High temperatures draw a lot of vapor which  increases the beneficial effects of the material you're vaping.

Low temperatures achieve subtler effects, which is ideal for people who do not want overly powerful effects.

Material Effectiveness

At high temperatures, the material you're vaping is going to get used up very fast. You'll likely find yourself having to frequently repack or refill the vape.

At lower temperatures, the material you're vaping will last longer. Less of the material will get used up every time you vape, which might be better for making it last longer.

Battery Life

High temperatures consume a lot of energy and will drain your Vape pen's battery very fast, which may be inconvenient if you take it on the go.

Vaping at Lower temperatures consumes much less battery power, so you might want to use lower temperatures when you're on the go.

Now that you've an idea about the differences between low vs. high temperatures, decide on the best one for you should be easier.

What else should you take into account when choosing the right vaping temperature for vaping Cannabis?

You've to factor in the amount of moisture left in the strain you're about to vape. Often times, you'll get a dry strain, and, in that case, the recommended temperature will work great. Nevertheless, there will be times you'll get a strain that has a lot of water in it.

If you get a strain with a lot of moisture, your vaporizer will use a lot of heat to vaporize the remaining moisture. It's only after all that excess moisture evaporates that the count towards the ideal temp begins.

Sadly, there isn't a reliable way to know if your strain is still moist just by looking at it. It'll often look dry even if there's still a lot of moisture left on it.


If you want to make the best of your vaping experience, you need to understand the right way to vape. Using the ideal temperature is a key factor in vaping. 

Temperature dictates how high you'll get when you vape. It also depends on the temperature, whether you'll experience anxiety or euphoria. This is why it is crucial to know what temperature to use when vaping.

Setting the perfect temperature is easy since most mods are now digital. This means that half of the task is done for you. The only thing left to do is ask yourself what you want to experience when you take that first hit.

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