How To Build Muscle Up In The Safest and Fastest Way Possible

How To Build Muscle Up In The Safest and Fastest Way PossibleSo you’ve decided that you want to get into bodybuilding and change your lifestyle. Bodybuilding is a great way to build muscle and improve yourself. You might find when doing your research, however, that there is a ton of conflicting information when it comes to building muscle-up.

It is essential to know what information you can trust and what you should do at the gym as it is not just about building muscle as fast as possible but also ensuring that you are doing it safely. Here are some ways that you can build up your muscles quickly and safely.


When it comes to supplements, bodybuilders will tell you the importance of taking them before and after your workout for multiple reasons. The experts over at Wilsonsupplements.com recommended taking pre-workout just as you arrive at the gym as it will help give you the energy you need during your set. Supplements like pre-workout are completely safe to use and will greatly benefit you if you are looking to safely gain muscle mass. 

Taking something like post-workout is just as important when it comes to building muscle mass. After a tough workout, you will have torn your muscles, and your body will have to repair them. The way it does this is through synthesizing protein in your system. Post-workout helps to give your body a ton of protein, meaning that your muscles will not only be able to grow back stronger but also recover quicker as well. 

The final thing to note with supplements is that they are not anabolic steroids. People become wary when they hear the word supplements. However, you do not have to worry. They are completely legal and also completely safe for you to use as long as you follow the instructions on the side. Supplements are a great way for you to build muscle as quickly and safely as possible.

Drink A Lot of Water

After a hard workout, you are most likely going to be sweating and dehydrated. Your muscles need water to function properly and recover. By drinking a lot of water, you can help make sure that your muscles are getting the water they need. The other benefit to drinking a lot of water is that it can help reduce the amount of food you eat. Oftentimes, your brain is confused and unsure if you are hungry or thirsty. You can keep your calories in an acceptable range by drinking plenty of water, meaning you will notice your muscles growing much more.

Develop A Workout Schedule

The next way to gain muscle quickly and safely is to define a workout schedule for you to follow. Your muscles will need time to recover after each workout, so you have to structure your schedule in a way that gives them the time they need. A popular schedule that is followed by many bodybuilders is push, pull, legs. In a typical week, Monday would be your push day, which is chest and triceps, Tuesday would be your pull day, which is back and biceps, and Wednesday would be the day you work your legs and shoulders. By Thursday, you should be able to start the routine again. 

When you approach the weekend, you have the choice of doing legs again or taking the weekend off to relax. If you find your body needs the rest and you aren’t feeling up to working out, take the day off. You do not want to exhaust yourself with workouts mentally. You shouldn’t be scared of rest days either as they are necessary for your body. By creating a schedule like this, you will put your body in the best possible position to gain muscle safely and quickly.

How To Build Muscle Up In The Safest and Fastest Way PossibleUse Proper Weightlifting Technique

Making sure that you are following the proper weightlifting technique will also help when it comes to building muscle. Not only that, but the appropriate technique will also reduce the likelihood of injury while you are working out. When you are doing an exercise, make sure that you are not swinging your body around and that the only moving part is the muscles that you are trying to train. The next thing to look at with proper technique is how you go about the exercise itself.

Looking at a bicep curl, for example, there are two different motions required in the exercise. The first motion is bringing your arm up, while the second is dropping it back down to the rest position. When it comes to this second motion, people will just let gravity do all the work. However, if you want to get the most out of your exercise and build muscle, you should make it a point to slow down this second motion and resist gravity. By slowing things down, you will be giving your muscles a much better workout, therefore resulting in more muscle gain.

Increase The Volume of Lifting

Finally, look to increase the number of times that you lift while at the gym. This means adding in more reps to each set and doing a few more sets as well. If you do this, you will have to drop the weight. However, studies have shown that this results in a much better workout for your body with increased muscle gain. If you attempt to keep the weight the same, you will most likely injure yourself as your body will not be able to handle it. Increase the volume of your reps and sets while dropping the weight, and you will notice you are gaining muscle at a much quicker rate.

These are all great ways to go about building muscle quickly and safely. Always remember to listen to your body when it comes to working out, as the last thing you want to do is injure yourself. The food you eat while working out also matters, so check on your diet and ensure that you are getting the right nutrients you need. Finally, make sure that you have the willpower to keep going to the gym and getting your lifts in. Unless you are dedicated, you will not see the results and the change that you want. 


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