6 Innovative Ways for Seniors to Have a More Beautiful Smile

6 INNOVATIVE WAYS FOR SENIORS TO HAVE A MORE BEAUTIFUL SMILEResearch has shown that more than 34 percent of Americans are unhappy with the appearance of their smile. If you don’t have a smile that you feel comfortable sharing, this can negatively impact your life. Ideally, many people believe that a more beautiful smile leads to an improved social life, professional life, and love life.

Remember, a smile is one of the things that people notice about you. As we age, our bodies change and, in particular, our faces, making it hard to achieve the desired smile. However, a healthy smile isn’t just achieved overnight. It takes a variety of ways to help maintain and create one. 

Here are six creative ways you can help transform your smile.

See a Dental Specialist Two to Three Times a Year

Having routine cleaning check-ups every three to six months helps to promote good oral hygiene. Additionally, this will also do wonders to improve your smile. If your cleanings and check-ups are irregular, Cutting Edge Periodontist warns that you are at a high risk of developing periodontal disease. In the long run, this can cause receding, unsightly swollen, and bleeding gums. Remember, you should avoid such issues as giving birth to other health conditions, especially if you are in your senior years. These diseases have been linked to health ailments like stroke, diabetes, heart attack, obesity, and sleep apnea at such an age. In addition to improving your smile, your specialist will also check for health conditions like oral cancer and HBP (High Blood Pressure). Since many health conditions manifest themselves in the mouth, your oral specialist will make you aware of issues that need to follow up with a medical provider.

Teeth Whitening

This is typically the cheapest and the most comfortable option for seniors who want to improve their smile. You should understand that teeth whitening isn’t going to fix broken, cracked, or damaged teeth. However, it can significantly improve patients’ smiles whose main issue is dark teeth, yellow teeth, or brown-stained teeth. The most significant advantage with teeth whitening is that it removes stains from within your tooth enamel and not just the surface stains. Additionally, you can also consider going for whitening products. However, it depends on your needs as there are many options available in the market, both prescribed and over-the-counter products.

Dental Implants

If your dream is to have the perfect-picture smile in 2021, you should consider getting dental implants. Dental implants are one of the best straightforward treatment options available to restore a person’s smile. They will come in handy, especially if you’ve suffered an accident or a disease that resulted in the loss of one or more teeth. The implant is inserted into your jaw and is an efficient way to improve a smile and restore function. As a senior, you might be skeptical about this, especially if you don’t want to ruin your dental formula. However, the implants don’t corrode or require consistent maintenance to be repaired. They’re well-built and are a lasting solution to replace missing teeth. You will regain your lost confidence and won’t ever feel like you have to hide your smile again.

Veneers or Crowns

If you’re planning for cosmetic dentistry, we recommend that you start with veneers. They are thin sheets of porcelain that are about the thickness of a contact lens. They are placed over your front teeth to create a beautiful smile. Each veneer is fitted perfectly to your teeth, improves your teeth’ color, and corrects distorted teeth' appearance. We recommend working with a certified specialist to ensure that the veneers are the exact size, color, and color you want them to be. Additionally, you can also consider crowns – also called caps – to achieve a more beautiful smile. Crowns cover the entire tooth, and this will not only improve function but will improve the appearance of the tooth too.

Floss Everyday

Flossing helps remove plaque between teeth and between the gum lines, where a toothbrush cannot reach easily. Dental specialists recommend that you floss daily in the mornings and evenings before sleeping. This helps to prevent oral conditions like gingivitis and tooth decay. If left unattended, tartar and plaque build-up under the surface of the gum lines. This leads to periodontal diseases and can lead to tooth loss and bone destruction. If you want to floss correctly, ensure you wrap the floss firmly around your finger and insert it in the space between your teeth. Slowly slide the floss up and down under the gum-lines 2-3 times. If you notice bleeding, this is a sign of gum disease or gingivitis. If you floss daily, the bleeding linked with mild to moderate gingivitis will stop after about a fortnight. If flossing doesn’t sound like something you can try, we recommend going for an oral irrigator. This small device sprays mouthwash or water to remove food and plaque between your teeth and below your gum line.

Choose a Quality ToothbrushChoose a Quality Toothbrush

This list would not be complete without mentioning the benefits of having a quality toothbrush. Studies show that high-quality toothbrushes are medically shown to remove more plaque in your teeth. They also help you achieve healthier gums than standard manual toothbrushes. Additionally, modern types of these toothbrushes now have special features for teeth whitening and sensitive teeth. The toothbrush is made with durable material to increase its longevity.

Additionally, the heads can be swapped out routinely as they age or if you’re sharing between family members. We recommend going for a soft-bristled traditional brush for seniors who are not comfortable with an electric toothbrush. There are also plenty of medium and hard bristle toothbrushes available, but dental professionals advise avoiding such types. Stiff bristles are aggressive on your gums and will cause gums to dwindle and can also wear the enamel away from the teeth.

It will take some time before you can notice changes from whitening or improved oral health. These changes don’t happen overnight, and you will need to put in time and effort. This is if you want that smile as well as improving your overall health. For cosmetic dental procedures, we recommend working with a certified professional to achieve the desired results.


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