Solid Steps That Will Effectively Counter Your Hair Loss Problem

SOLID STEPS THAT WILL EFFECTIVELY COUNTER YOUR HAIR LOSS PROBLEMHair loss is a common problem among many people, men, and women alike, and while it isn’t often a sign of anything significantly bad regarding health, it is something that will impact self-esteem and social confidence. Losing hair can be a cause of many things, but ultimately, it impacts people in different ways as well.

As mentioned, hair loss can really harm someone’s self-esteem, so it’s very important to find a way to get through it and repair the condition of hair to build back that confidence. Before, hair loss used to be considered permanent, but now, there are much more ways to treat it. 

Here are some solid steps to counter hair loss problems.

Consider a Hair Transplant Operation

If you want to go full-tilt in fixing a hair loss problem, the best way to do so is by getting a hair transplant operation. Hair transplants are much more common now than before, and if you look at groclinics.com.au/hair-transplant/clinic/melbourne/key-vic-information/ you can see that there are people who even travel to big cities to get a hair transplant done by an expert. A hair transplant takes follicles from your own head, from a spot that is healthy, and they are able to repair the balding spot(s). It’s more expensive than some of the other options, but it’s also highly effective if the follicles hold and it works.

Avoid Drying Out Your Scalp

For more home remedy efforts, you should consider not drying out your scalp as often as you can. The best way to do this is to make sure you moisturize the scalp and you refrain from using hot water in showers too much. Dry scalps crack and damage the existing hair, which needs moisture to grow healthy. If your hair is thinning, it might not solve the problem, but it can slow the process of hair loss down and help you maintain your healthy hair for a long time.

Use Gentler Shampoos

Another thing to keep in mind in the shower is to keep your head protected from overexposure to chemicals. Moisturizers are great for keeping the scalp hydrated, and so is cold water, but you also need to avoid using harsh shampoos, and chemicals in those shampoos. You’ll want to avoid products that contain sulfates, DEA, parabens, and sodium chloride, these ingredients can harm your scalp and lead to hair loss. Try to opt for more natural products to help clean your hair, and do so less frequently.

Get Prescribed Medication

If you don’t want to go with a hair transplant, but need something stronger than home remedies or lifestyle changes, then medications can help too. Talk to your doctor about the options available and they will likely suggest two different prescriptions: finasteride and minoxidil. These are two types of medication used to help treat hair loss and balding areas. Finasteride is a pill that helps hair grow back slowly, while minoxidil is a topical cream or gel medication. They have shown promise so they could be options to consider.

Switch to a Laser Comb

Laser therapy is a type of treatment that people who are balding often use to help regrow hair. Lasers help stimulate the follicles into growing, but again, it might be out of your budget or not something you want to commit to. Luckily, a laser comb is a good way to help regrow and stimulate hair at home. The laser comb is an electronic handheld device that works in a similar way to low-level laser therapy but can be done at home. It needs to be done regularly but there is potential to help fix your hair loss problem.

Change Your Diet and Lifestyle Choices

Lastly, your diet and lifestyle choices may be causing your hair loss woes. Eating poorly means you aren’t getting the right nutrients to your body, which means that you aren’t able to provide for your hair. Similarly, alcohol and tobacco can cause fluctuations in hormone production and cause hair thinning and hair loss. Start getting the right vitamins, like vitamin C and D, iron, and others, by taking a multivitamin. Similarly, drink more water and swap out those bad habits with exercise.

Hair loss is not an uncommon issue, and it’s prevalent in men and women, so the issue is universal. The problem with hair loss isn’t that it causes tremendous health implications, but it causes harm to your confidence and your joy, so if you use these steps, you can effectively counter a hair loss problem.


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