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5 tips to boost your hair growth

5 TIPS TO BOOST YOUR HAIR GROWTHWe’ve all been dissatisfied about our hair before, having had it cut only to immediately wish for it to grow back. While there is no easy way to make your hair grow in an instant, there are some ways to help your hair grow a bit faster.

If you’re concerned that your hair is growing too slow, there are some changes you can introduce to your routine to change that. Make sure you have your notepad ready, because here are the 5 most useful tips to boost your hair growth.

Make sure you’re getting enough vitamins

Slow-growing hair can be a sign of vitamin deficiency. That being said, always remember that vitamins aren’t a miracle cure - before making a decision regarding supplements, always consult with your doctor first. Most often, hair growth vitamins will include biotin and vitamins D, C, E, and A, which can effectively improve your hair’s condition if you’re deficient.

Use a conditioner

While this one might sound obvious, a surprising percentage of people are not using a hair conditioner during their showers. Using a good quality conditioner can over time bring back your hair to its natural condition, stimulating growth and making your hair look healthy and soft.

On the other hand, make sure not to overuse your shampoo - they often contain sulfates that leave your hair dry and rob them of important nutrients.

Use a natural hair growth oil

Growth oils are often considered a hoax, but many of them might offer actual improvement to your hair’s growth speed and condition. Using a natural hair growth oil such as castor oil or argan oil can provide your hair with nutrients that are essential for steady growth. Using hair oil will also reinvigorate your hair follicles, resulting in thicker, more resilient hair.

Immediate results with Hair-Thickening Fibers

If you’re looking for instantaneous results, hair fibers might be your best option. These microfibers can quickly thicken your hair by simply shaking the bottle above your thinner spots after washing and drying your hair. The fibers make use of natural electrostatic charge and are fully safe for your hair and scalp, effectively thickening your hair in just 30 seconds.

Change your dietary habits

The main factor that influences your hair growth speed and condition is your diet. To make sure your hair remains healthy, you need to make sure you’re providing enough nutrients for it to grow. Some restrictive diets might cause your hair growth to slow down, which is why you should always aim for well-balanced diets with enough macro and micronutrients.


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