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Vita Centro Dental Clinics in Portugal

VITA CENTRO DENTAL CLINICS IN PORTUGALThe Vita Centro dental clinics are dedicated to the placement of dental implants, offering top quality dental medicine in Lisbon, Sétubal and Porto. Specialists in dentistry, their avant-garde techniques provide an efficient and sophisticated service for each individual case.

Dental Clinic Lisbon

Located in a privileged area of ​​Lisbon city centre, between Areeiro and Alvalade, 20 minutes from the airport. It provides consultation offices and imaging services, including 3D radiography, radiological equipment that provides three-dimensional images.

The clinical team is very experienced in dental implants and teeth on the same day.

Strategically located in the city centre of Lisbon, very close to the airport and close to the main hotels in the city, it allows us to receive patients who visit us from various parts of the country and abroad.

Those opting for public transport have the Roma metro stop within 100 metres, buses and the Areeiro/Roma train.

Those who visit us with their own vehicle benefit from a car park right in front of the clinic's facilities.

Setúbal Dental Clinic

Opened in 2001, the Implantology Centre located in Setúbal is the company's headquarters. It was the first clinic of the company Vital Centro dedicated to quality dental implantology at affordable prices.

Vita Centro Setúbal is a unit that focuses on the concept of clinical implantology. Located in the centre of the city of Setúbal, it offers all specialties of dentistry and a team of experienced dentists dedicated to the patient's oral health.

It has three dental offices, equipped with the latest technology in the field of oral surgery. The clinic is prepared for "same day teeth" treatment, offering pleasant and welcoming reception and waiting areas.

Those who visit us with their own vehicle have a car park close to the clinic.

Dental Clinic Porto

Located in the centre of the city of Porto, this unit was created to respond to the growing flow of patients from the north of the countryin addition to the geographic coverage in the other main cities of the country.

It is set in an environment of comfort and design, close to everything, hotels, downtown, car parks, services and shops.

VITA CENTRO DENTAL CLINICS IN PORTUGALThe unit has dental offices prepared for the most complex treatments of All-ON-4, with a comfortable waiting room where patients watch the television and listen to music while they wait.

Those who choose public transport have buses with a stop 50 metres away, as well as the metro line Trindade station two minutes from the clinic. For those travelling in their own vehicle, there are parking lots close by.

W: www.vitacentro.com

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