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CBD Dosage: How Much Should You Take?

CBD DOSAGE: HOW MUCH SHOULD YOU TAKE?The Farm Bill of 2018 made hemp, and thus CBD, a much more accessible product. The current flood of information on the product offers many who struggle with daily pain, anxious thoughts, and high levels of stress a great deal of hope.

What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound found in plants of the cannabis family. It's important to note that, while CBD acts on the same nerve cells as THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD does not create euphoria. It can't get you high. Instead, CBD creates a space that limits the transmission of pain information to the brain.

Health Benefits of CBD

CBD can offer many health benefits to those who are willing to do a bit of experimentation as the product is not approved by the FDA for adults. A full dose can help you fall asleep, while a lower dose to start can help you focus your mind and reduce the sensation of pain. CBD is also high in antioxidants.

How Much Should You Take?

If you struggle to sleep, a full 25 mg dropper under the tongue can help you drop off. For those with a combination of conditions, such as pain and insomnia, there are indications that using 1500 mg CBD capsules from reputable places like HempFusion can be quite effective.

It is critical to note that CBD can interact with other drugs. If you are on prescription medications, discuss your CBD dosage plans with your physician. To start, consider taking 1 mg for every 10 pounds of body weight for sleep and half that for managing nerve pain transmission or anxious thoughts.

How to Take CBD

CBD can be taken

  • under the tongue
  • on the skin in a cream or lotion
  • as an edible gummy or capsule
  • via a vaping pen
  • as an isolate powder

Sublingual oils should never be vaped, and vaping liquids should never be put under your tongue. Putting sublingual oils on your skin is also not a recommended use of the product.

Side Effects

Too much CBD can lead to extreme sleepiness, which you may not want. It can also cause diarrhea and stomach cramps. Consider tracking your results in a journal to note the best time of day to use CBD and the eventual benefits. Once you determine the best dosage for your needs, you can stay there. One of the best things about CBD is that it's not possible to build up a tolerance.


CBD for adults is unregulated. Buy organic products from a producer that offers third party testing. Keep vaping products and edible or sublingual oils separate. Track your results in a journal. Be aware that gummies and capsules need to be digested to have an impact, while a sublingual oil, topical or vaped product enters the bloodstream more quickly.

Those using CBD to manage their own conditions need to use an experimental process to get to the right dosage. Track the number of mg you took, the method and the results each day. Over time you will see a pattern and determine your best dosage.

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