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The Best Ways to Discreetly Use CBD

THE BEST WAYS TO DISCREETLY USE CBDThe stigma around cannabis products is alive and well in 2021. Even though hemp-derived CBD is 100% legal, many people still have misguided preconceptions regarding anything associated with the cannabis plant. Therefore, it is better to enjoy the non-intoxicating effects of CBD oil in private in many situations.

Decades of misinformation and biased research take time to remove themselves from the personal beliefs of many people. Because CBD does not show any visible effects like marijuana does, be the best move is to discreetly use CBD if you are around people that would be judgmental.  

How to Consume CBD

The most critical aspect of CBD use is experiencing the benefits. So, we will discuss the best ways to consume CBD before getting into how to use it discreetly. CBD is available in various forms, including CBD oil, edibles, pills, gummies, vapes, flower, and other products.

Choosing the ideal administration method for you is dependent on your lifestyle. We recommend using CBD sublingually, meaning absorbed under the tongue. Using CBD oil sublingually increases bioavailability rates and is easy to use. Smoking CBD is more efficient but is far from discreet, and smoking can cause serious health complications.

The most important part about choosing the best way to use CBD is finding a method you will do consistently. Using CBD sublingually may have a higher bioavailability rate than edibles, but if you aren't likely to use CBD oil, you won't experience the benefits. Choosing the method that leads to consistent use will lead to a better overall experience.

Regardless of the method you choose, be mindful of the instructions given by the manufacturer and take how it's intended. CBD oil should be dissolved under the tongue as much as possible to maximize results.

How to Discreetly Take CBD

Not only is sublingual CBD oil easy, quick, and practical, it can be taken discreetly. However, the tincture dropper bottle has become synonymous with CBD use. If someone sees you using a dropper bottle to put liquid under your tongue, they would immediately know you are taking CBD. As a result, if you want to take CBD before a potentially judgmental individual, CBD oil may not be your best option.

A completely discreet way of ingesting CBD is in water-soluble powder or CBD oil. The CBD can be added to water or a sports drink, and no one would ever know you are getting a dose of CBD. While CBD oil is a lipid and will not mix with water, nanotechnology allows water-soluble CBD to dissolve.

Another way to take CBD discreetly is with edibles. There is a variety of edibles that will not raise any questions, like mints, hard candy, or gum. Just be sure not to leave any product labels out exposing the CBD content.

The Most Efficient Way to Take CBD

Smoking CBD is the most efficient delivery method, but it is far from ideal. Inhaling hot smoke can cause lung damage and long-term health complications. In addition, smoking CBD, whether it is with hemp flower or out of a vape, is not very discreet. If you are to keep your consumption hidden, smoking may be the least discreet option.

Other Ways to Use CBD Oil Discreetly

The ways to consume CBD have exploded since it was made federally legal. A free market allows for many options, most of which can be used discreetly. As long as you keep the packaging hidden, administration methods like CBD pillsgummies, soft gels, and edibles can be used on the down low.

CBD use will eventually be widely accepted, but the stigma from cannabis prohibition still exists. For now, being able to enjoy your products discreetly may be the best option in some situations. 


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