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3 Reasons to Try CBD Water as a Calming Post-Workout Drink

3 Reasons to Try CBD Water as a Calming Post-Workout DrinkPhysical training creates healthy stress in your body. Whether you jog or lift heavy weights, your body releases hormones like adrenaline, cortisol, and dopamine to adapt to the load.

Once you finish exercising, your body reverts to normal functioning. But sometimes, it doesn’t do so the right way, and you can’t calm down after a workout. Yet, you can boost recovery in many different ways, and CBD water is one of them.

Many athletes take this supplement these days to feel better post-workout. Why do you need to take it, and what CBD sparkling water effects will you get? Keep reading to find this out.

Why You Can’t Sleep After Working Out

Training brings pleasure because your body also releases “joy” hormones, like serotonin, in response to physical stress. As you get excited about your progress, you may not notice that you push the boundaries of your body.

Excessive training intensity overloads your muscles and the nervous system. It may result in post-workout trouble sleeping, especially if you exercise in the evening hours. It happens due to alertness hormones still circulating in your body. 

Post-workout insomnia interferes with your body’s recovery capabilities and slows down your progress. If you toss and turn after a workout, you have to move your training schedule to earlier hours during the day. But that doesn’t always help since heavy training sessions can cause your stress hormones, like cortisol, to build up and deprive you of healthy sleep.

If it’s your case, you can try CBD water to calm down your nervous system and help your body get back to normal once you finish exercising.

Three Fundamental CBD Water Benefits that Facilitate Post-Workout Recovery

CBD refers to cannabidiol, a non-intoxicating chemical extracted from the cannabis plant. Although taken from cannabis, CBD doesn’t make you high but delivers an array of health benefits to your body.

However, CBD is hydrophobic, meaning it doesn’t dissolve in water. Moreover, hydrophobic CBD molecules cannot get their way to the bloodstream through your digestive system. It explains why up to 94% of CBD dies in vain when taken orally.

On the contrary, CBD-infused water is 65% more bioavailable. Essentially, it is water with tiny CBD particles dispersed in it. They are so small that they can bind to water molecules rather than stick to each other. The nature of CBD water allows its consumers to receive substantial CBD amounts as simply as taking a regular glass of water. The same goes for athletes who supplement their training with CBD. So here are the reasons why CBD water is an excellent calming post-workout drink.

3 Reasons to Try CBD Water as a Calming Post-Workout DrinkCBD Water Alleviates Post-Workout Stress

Studies associate CBD consumption with lower cortisol levels throughout the day and the substance’s anxiolytic and sleep-aiding properties.

Researchers reviewed existing studies about CBD sleep-inducing and anxiety-relieving effects, and here is what CBD supplementation resulted in:

  • Reduced sleep onset latency – you will fall asleep faster.
  • Improved sleep quality – you will feel fully recovered and energized in the morning.
  • Soothed anxiety – you will feel calm, and no dreadful thoughts or stomach twinges will disturb you at night.

Reduced cortisol levels, cheerful mood, and good sleep will boost post-workout recovery and help you train harder than last time.

CBD Helps Your Muscles Recover Due to Anti-inflammatory Effects

Your muscles are sore because you tear them while lifting weights. Intense and prolonged muscle contractions damage muscle tissues and cause inflammation.

Athletes use compression garments, massage therapies, and even expose themselves to freezing temperatures below - 148° F to cope with post-workout muscle soreness. But recent studies suggest that CBD water also brings pain and inflammation relief to damaged muscle tissue.

When CBD enters your bloodstream, it reduces the number of pro-inflammatory cytokines circulating in your muscle cells and soothes pain receptors.

Besides, CBD dissolves reactive oxygen species (ROS) that occur in your cells when you work out. So it’s a powerful antioxidant, just like vitamin A, C, and E. How long does CBD last in your body though? A study on CBD pharmacology concludes that cannabidiol’s half-life is one or two days. So CBD provides an accumulative effect and ensures consistent relief.

CBD Water Is Convenient CBD Water Is Convenient

CBD market offers a myriad of products, from tinctures and snacks to capsules and cigarettes.

At the same time, the intake of all these products requires some preparations. As for tinctures, you have to open the bottle, load the dropper, measure your CBD dose, and hold the oil under your tongue. Besides, you have to ensure you don’t stain your shirt in the process.

As for CBD living water, all you have to do is take a few sips and enjoy the refreshing feeling that comes down to your stomach.

The Bottom Line

CBD water is an affordable and calming post-workout drink you can take to ensure good sleep and painless recovery. CBD reduces post-workout muscle soreness, combats inflammation and sleep disorders, and keeps anxiety at bay. Given that, CBD water protects you from factors that interfere with post-training recovery. As a result, it will give you more resources to progress in your training regime.


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