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Everyday award winning spa treatments

WIN! EVERYDAY AWARD WINNING SPA TREATMENTSSurprisingly, a simple beauty treatment can reduce more than just the new wrinkle.  Self-care in the sense of beauty routines can lead to an increase in self-esteem and self-love.

Practicing self-care means addressing your personal needs so that you can find a happy balance in your life.  In the ideal world we’d like to have a weekly spa appointment complete with glow-intensifying facials, manicures, and beautifying feet.  But just because that may not be a reality doesn’t mean you can’t recreate the same self-care moments at home.  These three favorite spa quality self-care products are all you need for face, hand and feet care all year round.

Starskin product GiveawayHybrid oil cleanser

The oil emulsion cleanser continues to trend! The latest award-winning cleanser Starskin, Orglamic Celery Juice cleansing balm is the ultimate hybrid cleanser formulated with celery juice, radish seed extract and sunflower seed oil to melt way makeup, impurities, and dirt in an instant. The secret ingredient, celery is full of minerals and amino acids, and is rich in anti-inflammatory vitamins A, C and K.  The balm-to-oil-to-milk formula is packed with beautiful oils such as rosehip and camellia to help calm, nourish and soothe the skin and leave the skin cleansed with a healthy dewy glow. 


Hands are not the focus when we discuss anti-aging treatments, but have you really looked at your hands?  Yes, hands require more attention than before due to environmental changes, increased UV rays and the overuse of harsh anti-bacterial soaps and anti-bacterial hand products and sanitizers. The Starskin Pro Micro-Filler™ Mask is a non-invasive treatment that delivers a rejuvenating cocktail of hyaluronic acid, plant-EGF, plant stem cells, and floret DNA to directly transform the skin, focus on repair, and reverse signs of aging. This formula contains tiny micro pyramids that create small punctures on the skin's uppermost layer to boost collagen production, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, enhance skin tone, and boost renewal from the inside out.

Fabulous Feet

Talk about a miracle:  The three-piece home pedicure kit is everything you need for fabulous feet. The Starskin VIP Fab Feet Fast™ Instant Foot Peeling Treatment is a new generation foot peeling system that delivers smooth, baby soft feet in a few minutes in the comfort of your home.  The kit provides approximately 10 treatments and features an ergonomically formed foot file and peeling mist to remove hard dry skin and callus build up safely and effectively. A beautiful nourishing foot cream is the final step in this easy effective foot treatment.


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