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What Are Some Uses of Topical CBD Creams

WHAT ARE SOME USES OF TOPICAL CBD CREAMSThe CBD industry has seen tremendous growth over the last few years, and with it, a huge variety of new brands and products have emerged. While many people choose to ingest CBD in the form of CBD oils, capsules, gummies, and other oral methods, CBD topicals are an excellent choice for those who like the idea of applying it directly to the skin.

Typically, CBD topicals are touted for their pain-relieving potential; however, there are several more reasons to use CBD cream and other topical products. 

A CBD topical is any cream, balm, lotion, or salve infused with cannabidiol (CBD) and other beneficial ingredients. In general, topicals are applied directly to an affected area of the body through massage or rubbing. 

While some people may use CBD topicals as a means to unwind and relax, others find them to be effective at alleviating chronic pain, improving skin health, and more. Below, we highlight some of the primary uses of topical CBD cream.

CBD Topicals for Chronic Pain

CBD has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, making it a potential remedy for chronic pain. While research is still in its infancy, some studies suggest that CBD topicals, like creams, may help with certain pain sensations.

For instance, a 2016 animal study discovered that topical CBD products might help alleviate arthritis-related pain and swelling. Additionally, a 2020 study on a small group of people with nerve damage found that topical CBD oil decreased pain levels. 

CBD Topicals for Muscle and Joint Pain

If you’re a physically active individual who enjoys hitting the gym regularly, a CBD topical could aid in workout recovery. Since CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, it could reduce musculoskeletal pain from exercise and alleviate stiff joints. However, the research thus far is mostly anecdotal. More clinical studies are necessary to determine just how effective CBD is at relieving exercise-induced pain and discomfort.

Some CBD brands infuse topicals intended for pain relief with other pain-relieving ingredients, too, such as menthol. Often, the combination of cannabidiol and these other natural ingredients that help treat achy joints and muscles.

CBD Topicals for Skin Care

CBD is the hottest new ingredient in the skincare world at the moment. As a powerful anti-inflammatory, cannabidiol may help reduce pain, swelling, and redness caused by inflammatory acne. Moreover, CBD regulates oil production, which means it could potentially reduce breakouts. Also, due to its anti-inflammatory effects, some believe that CBD could help alleviate the irritation caused by certain skin conditions, like eczema. 

But the skincare benefits of CBD don’t end there. A 2009 study suggests that CBD has moisturizing properties and may be useful for dry, dehydrated skin. CBD topicals infused with other beneficial natural ingredients, like cocoa butter and beeswax, are especially useful for moisturizing the skin.

Perhaps most exciting, though, is that CBD could have anti-aging effects. This is largely due to its antioxidant content. By reducing inflammation and fighting free radical damage, CBD creams hemp diminish issues like wrinkles, ruddy skin tone, and skin dullness and can help balance complexion. 

CBD Topicals for Relaxation

CBD topicals can also reduce stress and promote relaxation. Applying a pleasantly scented CBD cream to the skin is a great way to lift the mood, help you unwind, and is sure to leave you feeling rejuvenated. Often, stress presents as muscle soreness, so by relieving tension in the muscles, CBD can also help calm the mind. 

How Are CBD Topicals Used?

CBD topicals make it easy to target specific issues by administering the product directly to the skin. It’s also a popular alternative for those who may be wary of consuming CBD orally. You can apply a small amount of cream and rub it on the affected area. Generally, the results aren’t instant, and you will start reaping the rewards after a few days of repetitive use.

However, in some cases, especially with CBD topicals designed for pain relief, you should feel some sort of relief almost immediately. It usually depends on the type of CBD topical, the ingredients, and the condition being treated. Also, keep in mind that everyone responds differently to the effects of CBD and is likely to have a unique experience.

Final Thoughts on CBD Topicals

In summary, CBD creams can be incredible for relieving sore muscles, reducing pain, supporting healthy skin, and promoting relaxation. The market is flooded with tons of interesting CBD topicals designed for specific purposes, so it’s all about finding a product that suits your needs.

Always be sure to buy your CBD topicals from trustworthy and reputable brands committed to producing high-quality products. You want to ensure that beneficial, all-natural ingredients are used in the formulation to make sure your CBD experience is favorable. 


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