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Cost of Living: Effect on the Nation’s Mental Health

COST OF LIVING: EFFECT ON THE NATION’S MENTAL HEALTHPeople have always struggled with their mental health. This is because day to day life is stressful enough. Regardless of who you are, you will have to deal with some degree of workplace stress, familial stress or emotional stress.

However, 2022 has brought even more stress into the day to day lives of people across the world. Whether you’re still coping with the effects of Covid-19, the rail strikes, healthcare strikes or the cost of living crisis, you are not alone if you feel like your mental health has taken a dive over the past few months.

A recent study carried out by the BACP found that 61% of all therapists are reporting that their clients are voicing anxiety and concern around whether or not they are going to be able to pay their bills. The same study found that people are also losing sleep over the cost of living crisis.

As we all know, suffering from mental health often means that other aspects of your life also start to decline, including your work and financial life. As the Health and Safety Executive highlights, mental health issues, work and financial stress go hand in hand.

CLICK HERE to read some startling facts and figures about mental health and the cost of living.


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