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Algarve Particular Hospital - from the HPA Saúde Group is once again a pioneer in prostate cancer treatment

ALGARVE PARTICULAR HOSPITAL - FROM THE HPA SAÚDE GROUP IS ONCE AGAIN A PIONEER IN PROSTATE CANCER TREATMENTThe Urology Service of the HPA Saúde Group inaugurated in Portugal another surgical technique. It is minimally invasive: no cuts, no scars, no blood and no radiation.

The technique began to be performed on Saturday 27th May. It is minimally invasive and uses high-intensity ultrasound technology with precise focusing - HIFU: High Intensity Focused Ultrasound.  The magnitude of the ultrasound energy, which the Focal One Robotic System transmits, allows the temperature to increase rapidly at the desired point, causing a coagulation necrosis and allowing a rigorous extraction of the malignant prostatic lesion, without damaging the healthy tissues and structures around it.

Precision is guaranteed by software that combines superimposed 3D images with magnetic resonance imaging, whose movements are all robotically controlled and with submillimetric precision. On the other hand, this technique is also superior in terms of time: the whole of the planning, equipment configuration and procedure itself can take 45 minutes, that is, three times faster than most techniques.

This technique has very relevant advantages: no cut is made, therefore, there is no scar; it does not generate blood loss, nor does it require radiation. Added to this is the accessibility, that is, the Focal One®️ HIFU allows, without neglecting precision, access to the anterior part of large prostates (up to 40 mm.).

The driving force behind this new technology in the HPA Saúde Group, Professor Tiago Rodrigues, underlines that "the great advantage is that it allows you to treat focal lesions without compromising continence or sexual life".

The Urology Service of the HPA Saúde Group continues to be at the forefront of maintaining the quality of life and well-being of men's health and, specifically, in prostate carcinoma, the most frequent male neoplasm in the western world.

In Portugal, six thousand new cases are diagnosed each year. They represent 10% of all new cancers diagnosed annually in the country.

About the HPA Saúde Group

The HPA Saúde Group, founded in 1996 with the opening of the first hospital in Alvor, is today one of the leading hospital groups in private healthcare in Portugal. It brings together several hospitals and clinics covering the whole of the Algarve region, but also the Alentejo and Madeira Island. In addition to the units providing direct care, the HPA Saúde Group includes other facilities such as a patient transport service, parapharmacies, clinical analysis laboratories, imaging and cardiovascular intervention centers.

It comprises four hospital units: Hospital Particular do Algarve - Alvor, Hospital Particular do Algarve - Gambelas - Faro and Hospital Particular da Madeira - Funchal; Hospital Particular do Alentejo - Sines and more than 14 Clinics in various parts of the Algarve region, Alentejo and Madeira. It should be noted that HPA - Gambelas Unit | Faro - is the only hospital in the Algarve region accredited by the Joint Commission International.

The HPA Saúde Group stands out for its solidity, which is based on the professional  of its accuracy teams, innovative interventions and technological differentiation.

In Portugal, six thousand new cases are diagnosed each year. They represent 10% of all new cancers diagnosed annually in the country.


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