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NEW Hospital Particular Clinic in Vila Real de Santo Antonio

New Clinic - Vila RealThe Hospital Particular do Algarve has acquired a new Clinic this time in Vila Real de Santo Antonio. On Friday the 25th October the Group Hospital Particular do Algarve, took over the running of the clinic which will be opening early in 2014 to the public in general.

 It will continue medical support for all the sports activities that take place in the Sports Complex but additional Medical Specialties will be available including Complementary Diagnostic facilities such as Analysis, X-Ray, Ultrasound etc. As well as a three bed Observation Room.

New Hospital Particular Clinic - Vila RealThe New Clinic will be a mirror image of all the other Clinics of the HPA Group, with a G.P. permanently on duty, supported by other medical specialties and a 24hour Private Ambulance Service.
The clinic will has an area of 4000 square meters and will also include Operating Theatre at a later stage.

Situated in the Sports Complex of Vila Real de Santo Antonio since 2008, the Physical Rehabilitation Clinic was created due to an agreement between the Municipality of VRSA and the Republic of Cuba, for the support in training of the top athletes promoting the rehabilitation, maximizing performance of the various teams, as well as of the hundreds of sports events that take place in the Complex Annually.

This sports complex is considered by the International Sports Federation, among the top 14 high performance sports centres in the world for the training and competition of top ranking International sports teams and athletes. 

Dr João Bacalhau, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Group, refers that “It has always been our philosophy to bring our medical facilities and expertise to the patient and not make the patient travel for miles seeking medical care.  Our patients living in the Eastern Algarve and South of Spain can now benefit from patient centred quality medical technology and care close to home”.

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